Kanye West Forced Employees To See Sensitive Photos

According to a source close to Us Weekly, Kim Kardashian is investigating allegations that Kanye West forced employees to see her sensitive photos when he was still working with Adidas. After Adidas severed ties with Kanye West due to his anti-Semitic rants, former employees have claimed the rapper showed staffers porn and explicit images of ex-wife Kim Kardashian as an “intimidation tactic.”

Kanye West and Kim KardashianSource: Insider

In a scathing Rolling Stone report published on Tuesday, one young creative claimed that West showed him an explicit picture of the reality TV star, 41, during a 2018 job interview. “My wife just sent me this,” the “Heartless” rapper allegedly told him while pulling up a “very revealing and personal” photo of Kardashian on his phone.
In addition, another employee also said that West used to show sensitive videos of his ex-wife to the Yeezy creative team. Former Kanye West employees sent Rolling Stone a letter titled "The Truth About Yeezy: A Call To Action For Adidas Leadership". Accordingly, many senior employees criticized Adidas executives for allowing Kanye West to create a culture of "abuse of power".

Kim Kardashian sexySource: The US Sun

Kim Kardashian was shocked when Kanye West showed her coworker's private images and videos. Former Adidas executives were accused by certain former workers of being purposefully accommodating and tolerating Kanye West's wrongdoing while the two sides were still collaborating.
Before the surprising news, Adidas stated that they were investigating to determine the reality of the situation. “It is not clear to us whether the allegations set out in the anonymous letter are accurate. However, we take these allegations seriously. We immediately launched an independent investigation to resolve the issue,” a company representative told Us Weekly.

Kanye West accusedSource: Youtube

According to Page Six, audiences also noticed Kanye West's problems as soon as he released the 30-minute documentary. Including a scene where the star shows pornography to Adidas executives. The male rapper still forced the staff to continue watching, even though they expressed their displeasure. Former employees also said West showed his sex tapes. "I feel it's a tactic to take someone down and establish their unwavering loyalty to him," the West employee said. Another revealed that the male rapper is specifically targeting female staff. According to the rapper, this is part of the reason why his marriage fell apart. Recently, Kanye West's speech will change. “I am going through 30 days of body cleansing. Limit speech. No alcohol, porn, and sex." Kanye West wrote on social media. is a website that provides you with Entertainment news and creative ideas to make your day more enjoyable. Please visit our website to learn more about the most recent celebrity and entertainment news.
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