20 Viral Tweets From 2022 That Would Make A Good Summary For This Year

Just a friendly reminder: 2022 is coming really close to its end. How have you been doing this year? We mean, mentally and physically. Have you finished all the goals you wrote down on the very first day of this year? If not, it's okay to take it slow, as long as you don't give up. This year, let's say, has been such a crazy year with a lot of changes. We would understand if you didn't keep up with the news for some reason. Don't worry, because we are here to summarise this year in these viral tweets from 2022 for you. From medical issues to unreasonably high rises in gas prices to the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk. It will only take you 5 minutes of reading to get all the hot issues.
So lucky we have people on Twitter who have enthusiastically recorded every single news on their feed. Scroll down to check out our list of the most viral tweets from 2022 that would perfectly sum up what's this year like.

#1. "Also the iceberg got its start with apartheid emerald money and its wife left it"

Source: callmekitto

#2. You’ll find another job, Adam

Source: adamgreattweet

#3. "My next response to a guy who does this is “I saw you liked my story hm”"

Source: _jxmm_

#4. "The only replacement idea I’m accepting"

Viral Tweets From 2022Source: cassbeewrites

#5. Zombiefication isn't going away anytime soon!

Viral Tweets From 2022Source: SandyFrizzle

#6. Relatable

Source: chunkbardey

#7. Would have stopped texting

Viral Tweets From 2022Source: Orlaaaaaaaaa

#8. Megan goes to war; call her Megan thee Battalion

Viral Tweets From 2022Source: Orlaaaaaaaaa

#9. "Women should not be limited this way. You can also date Pete Davidson AND have a baby with Nick Cannon."

Viral Tweets From 2022Source: teresaeliz

#10. Co-Video

Viral Tweets From 2022Source: TimBarnes451

#11. Noooooooo

Source: 1ckaay

#12. "Unfortunately no. I’ve grown dependent on the tender love that can only be provided by worm"

Source: idonotbleed

#13. Now is a good time to check out all the electric vehicles on the market.

Viral Tweets From 2022Source: dianenotdiana

#14. "I got chuuuuuu"

Viral Tweets From 2022Source: LLcoolscharf

#15. Remember y’all, right person wrong time does NOT exist!

Source: lupittaa5

#16. "Gas is so weird, the price keeps going up but the flavor stays the same. Curious."

Source: dril

#17. Keep it private

Viral Tweets From 2022Source: twakeonline

#18. “Tell me how you really feel….”

Viral Tweets From 2022Source: TheMattKaye

#19. “What do you wanna be when you grow up?” Retired

Source: DrakeGatsby

#20. She watched it again, she must be planning the wedding

Source: Kaleb_xoo

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