14 Actors Who Portrayed Movie Roles No One Expected To See Them In

Truly talented actors can pull off different types of roles, including the ones which asked them to forcefully transform into really ugly men or women. To make the transformation look real, actors have to undergo a drastic change, losing or gaining extreme weight as quickly as impossible, putting on shapeless garments, or sitting for hours on a makeup chair to cover up their beauty.
Although these transformations, called “nightmares”, may increase the chance to win an Oscar Award for actors, many fans don’t expect their favorite actors to appear ugly on the screen. After realizing their idols in the movie, all the things fans can do is pick up their jaws off the floor.
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#1 Tom Hardy

Movie Roles No One ExpectedSource: © Peaky Blinders / BBC© This Means War / 20th Century Studios

Many can’t realize that the romantic handsome in “This Means Wars” is the bad guy with a disfigured face in “Peaky Blinders”. Tom Hardy is the actor taking both roles.

#2 Steve Carell

Movie Roles No One ExpectedSource: © Foxcatcher / Annapurna Pictures, © The Office / NBC Universal Television

Steve Carell appeared as a mentally unstable rich man in Foxcatcher and a comical manager in The Office.

#3 Tim Roth

Movie Roles No One ExpectedSource: © Rob Roy / Talisman Films© The Hateful Eight / Visiona Romantica

We almost realize Tim Roth in two characters: the courtier dandy in Rob Roy and the fishy man in The Hateful Eight.

#4 Elijah Wood

Movie Roles No One ExpectedSource: © Come to Daddy / Firefly Films© The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King / Warner Bros.

Many might not notice that the guy with bad luck in the horror-comedy Come to Daddy is the cute hobbit in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Elijah Wood fulfills his roles so well.

#5 Andrew Scott

Movie Roles No One ExpectedSource: © Steel Country / Zero Gravity Management© Sherlock / BBC

The characters of the autistic scavenger in Steel Country and a criminal genius in Sherlock were portrayed by Andrew Scott.

#6 Anthony Hopkins

Movie Roles No One ExpectedSource: © Thor / Marvel Studios, © The Silence of the Lambs / Orion Pictures Corporation

Anthony Hopkins had great performances when starring as the Scandinavian God Odin in Thor and a serial killer in The Silence of the Lambs.

#7 Woody Harrelson

Movie Roles No One ExpectedSource: © Anger Management / Sony Pictures© True Detective / Anonymous Content

Woody Harrelson impressed the audience with not only a weird bodyguard in Anger Management and a strict policeman in True Detective.

#8 Matt Damon

Movie Roles No One ExpectedSource: © The Zero Theorem / MediaPro Studios© The Great Wall / Legendary Pictures

How many people realize the brave hero in “The Great Wall” is eccentric in “The Zero Theorem”?

#9 Rowan Atkinson

Movie Roles No One ExpectedSource: © Keeping Mum / Azure Films© Johnny English Strikes Again / Universal Pictures

Rowan Atkinson is a talented actor when fulfilling perfectly two different characters: a sad priest in Keeping Mum and a funny spy in the comedy Johnny English Strikes Again.

#10 Chris Evans

Movie Roles No One ExpectedSource: © Snowpiercer / Stillking Films© Captain America: The Winter Soldier / Marvel Studios

After finishing the role as a poor rebel in the “Snowpiercer” drama, Chris Evans became the superhero in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”.

#11 Daniel Craig

Source: © Logan Lucky / Bleecker Street Media© Spectre / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Daniel Craig portrayed well his roles as a bank robber in Logan Lucky and an intelligence agent in Spectre.

#12 Christoph Waltz

Movie Roles No One ExpectedSource: © The Zero Theorem / MediaPro Studios© Inglourious Basterds / Universal Pictures

The freaky hermit in The Zero Theorem and the charming bastard in Inglourious Basterds.

#13 Alexander Skarsgård

Movie Roles No One ExpectedSource: © The Hummingbird Project / Belga Productions© The Legend of Tarzan / Village Roadshow Pictures

A balding loser in The Hummingbird Project and the muscular macho man in The Legend of Tarzan.

#14 Keanu Reeves

Source: © A Scanner Darkly / Detour Filmproduction© Constantine / Warner Bros.

A 2-faced agent in A Scanner Darkly and a fighter against evil spirits in Constantine.
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