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  1. 1. Willow Ufgood: Warwick Davis
  2. 2. Sorsha: Joanne Whalley
  3. 3. Kit: Ruby Cruz and Airk: Dempsey Bryk
  4. 4. Jade: Erin Kelleyman 
  5. 5. Dove: Ellie Bamber
  6. 6. Graydon: Tony Revolori 

Willow Cast 2022: All About The Actors of the Disney+ Series

Decades after Willow Ufgood saved the world from evil, this new series follows the daughter of his allies Madmartigan and Sorsha as she enlists Willow to help find her kidnapped brother. Soon they’re on an escapade through the kingdom with a party of unexpected adventurers hoping to find the true empress, Elora Danan.
Returning to a beloved fictional world is one of the best feelings we can have as fantasy fans. If you want to know who are the cast of the series as you watch, we’ve got you covered. 

1. Willow Ufgood: Warwick Davis

Warwick Davis is definitely the star of the 1988 film. The heroic aspiring sorcerer is now a legend after defeating the evil queen Bavmorda at the end of his adventures, but the big question is whether he can rise to the occasion again. For Kasdan it was all about creating new group dynamics that could expand on the magic that Davis and Val Kilmer shared in the first movie, and for the showrunner there was an obvious way of doing that. “I knew at the core of that thing he would be thrust into this mentor role and fraught with insecurities about it as he did it,” he says. “Then we wanted to surround him with people who could give you values that you got from the movie but present them in different ways.” 

2. Sorsha: Joanne Whalley

One of fantasy’s most trailblazing badass female characters is Queen Sorsha. She’s now a mother and leader trying to keep her children and kingdom safe from the evil she once defeated. When we spoke to Ruby Cruz, she couldn’t keep her enthusiasm for the woman who laid the path for Kit under wraps. “Sorsha was such a character before her time, she’s such a strong character. And I think that’s also really fun, where the audience is gonna find Sorsha. Because there’s a lot of different ways that character could have gone and I think where we meet here is super interesting.” She was also eager to give credit to the woman who brought her to life. “Joanna is a real life warrior. She is so incredible.”
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3. Kit: Ruby Cruz and Airk: Dempsey Bryk

 The twins at the center of the adventure are Kit and Airk. It’s the latter’s abduction that sets Kit on her path to adventure and Willow. Before that, though, they were raised in the safety of the castle by their mother Sorsha and absent father Madmartigan. The royal twins gave the show a chance to reimagine those characters for a new era. Kasdan says: “With Ruby and Dempsey it was all about asking, ‘Should we continue the legacy of Madmartigan and Sorsha?’ But also asking, ‘What would it look like if it evolved?’ Just like the way that Mads was very much a creation of the late 80s, what would a 2022 version of a hip self-referential heroine and hero look like? A lot of these things were just intuitive moves much more than they were some calculated choices.” 

4. Jade: Erin Kelleyman 

 Along for the ride is Kit’s best friend and trainer, Jade. A brave knight who will do anything for Kit, she’s played by the brilliant Erin Kelleyman. Although Kasdan was tight lipped on Jade’s role, he had plenty to say about the actor who brings her to life. “She’s a unique and singular person, yet she fits sort of effortlessly into the landscape of this thing. First of all, she can do the action in a way that’s really incredible. She’s great with a sword and she’s believably a warrior. That was one thing we all took from Solo is that she can wield this weapon. She also brings such a sense of humor and dryness mixed with a real aching heart that just felt totally new for Willow.”

5. Dove: Ellie Bamber

The quiet kitchen girl joins the team for a very special reason, and she is best known around the castle for her delectable baked goods. She is a surprise addition to the journey. Dove just so happens to be Airk's current boyfriend. Despite the prince's reputation as a lothario, Dove is dedicated to him and thinks he shares her sentiments. When he goes missing, Dove decides she must assist the man she loves because she is quite the hero herself. His sister might not be too thrilled about the new addition to her traveling party, though.

6. Graydon: Tony Revolori 

 Graydon is the party's final member. The seemingly spoiled prince Kit is betrothed to is not your typical adventurer, but he is pulled into the quest by circumstance. He's a reluctant participant with a dark secret that will be revealed as the story continues. While Kit is less than thrilled about their marriage, Graydon is more serious about their responsibilities, believing that the pair must do whatever it takes to defend the realm. But that could all change as they venture out into the wider world in search of Willow and the Kingdom they adore. is a website that provides you with Entertainment updates and creative ideas to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about updated celebrity and entertainment news.
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