10 Most-Loved TV Show And Movie Characters Of All Time, According To Reddit Users

Without the characters that surround them, movies and TV shows would be meaningless. Think about it; otherwise, they would just be abstract images of various settings and landscapes. The finest cinematic characters, however, may alter a movie, presenting deep morals, motivating personal growth, standing up against the odds, fighting for what's right as staunch heroes, or spreading mayhem as antiheroes and villains. However, other parts feel purely utilitarian.
There are many legendary personalities and unforgettable events in TV shows and movies. No matter how they are received, certain series have such a profound effect that everyone who enjoys cinema should watch them.
There are TV characters that steal the show, whether they are the lead character or a supporting one, and draw viewers in time and time again. They vary from dramatic stars like "Game of Thrones" star Daenerys and "The Walking Dead" crossbow-wielding Daryl Dixon to comedic royalty like Phoebe Buffay and Rose Nylund.
Reddit users have turned to the site to highlight the personalities they have associated with and find themselves looking up to, whether they are superheroes or just nice people.

#1 Tyrion Lannister

Most-Loved TV Show And Movie Characters, Tyrion Lannister

It might be intriguing to revisit the Game of Thrones characters now that House Of The Dragon is still fresh in fans' imaginations. He stands out as a character from the program that Reddit user giraffeneck45 thinks viewers can look up to because "He plays the hand he was dealt..." and "...doesn't roll over to his awful family." according giraffeneck45.
Tyrion is without a doubt one of the finest characters from Game of Thrones. He is also one of the nicer characters in the brutally violent program, and his generosity is immediately apparent. He receives a lot of criticism, especially before he has any significant authority, thus his unwavering courage and refusal to follow his family's traditions are noteworthy.

#2 Superman

Most-Loved TV Show And Movie Characters, Superman

A Perfect Scene, a Reddit member, presented a heartfelt justification for why they admire Superman, but one of their statements puts it up perfectly: "...he sees the best in people, when he, daily, experiences our worst."
Superman didn't have an easy life; even as a child, he was aware of his distinctions from normal people. Even as an adult, he had adversaries who sought to harm him, yet he persisted in his efforts to serve mankind. Although the superhero is a fantastical figure who could never exist, there are many qualities in him that viewers might use as models.

#3 Samwise Gamgee

Most-Loved TV Show And Movie Characters, Samwise Gamgee

The Lord of the Rings has a large array of intriguing characters, but Reddit user notjawn chose Samwise Gamgee because he "is the story's true hero, according to Tolkien. He is helpful to Frodo and steadfast in his support."
Samwise stands out as one of the finest characters in The Lord of the Rings because of his low upbringing but unwavering allegiance. The Middle-Earth saga is not lacking in heroic figures. He assumes the position of Frodo's guardian despite having no fighting expertise, leading the path to an unclear conclusion while consistently putting the safety of everyone else above his own. Sam is a good man who deserves to be admired.

#4 Luna Lovegood

Most-Loved TV Show And Movie Characters, Luna Lovegood

Reddit user kiwiwhovian provided a compelling justification for admiring Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series by claiming "People, in my opinion, underrate her... She is dependable, upbeat, and realistically optimistic, and she basically exists in her own little bubble."
It might be challenging to discover people who are prepared to live their own life and refuse to adhere to what other people desire in the age of social media and ongoing trends. One of the greatest Harry Potter characters serving as a role model inspires individuals to pursue their dreams. Her charm is enhanced by how quiet she is.

#5 Sherlock Holmes

Most-Loved TV Show And Movie Characters, Sherlock Holmes

Redditor shmegegy emphasized the character's talent, saying they admire "Sherlock Holmes, for his genius..." The idea of the franchise itself is that Holmes is hypnotically intelligent.
The way Sherlock applies his brilliance for the benefit of society is fantastic. Numerous fictional individuals misuse their abilities, whether they have superpowers or not. Fans may thus not only respect what his mind is capable of but also benefit from looking up to him by acting morally.

#6 Atticus Finch

Most-Loved TV Show And Movie Characters, Atticus Finch

Reddit user chimpwizard described Atticus Finch as "Atticus Finch...A great teacher who is willing to stand by his beliefs in the face of violence and hatred." when reflecting on a film from 60 years ago.
The movie To Kill A Mockingbird is based on the same-named novel, which tells an emotional tale of bravery and defamation. Even though the odds are stacked against him, Atticus is the good guy in the narrative as the defense attorney battling to establish Tom Robinson's innocence. In society, standing up for what is right will always be important, and taking inspiration from Atticus Finch will undoubtedly point everyone in the right route.

#7 Spider-Man

Most-Loved TV Show And Movie Characters, Spider-Man

Spider-Man was chosen as the Marvel Comics character that Reddit user ummhellothere chose, adding that "He is truly the most relatable, empathetic, strong moral character in all of the fiction...Spider-Man is a representation of human integrity, and how far we go to maintain it."
Fans may relate to Peter Parker better than a superhero who didn't have any aspect of a typical existence since he had a normal beginning to live. His unwavering commitment to helping others—even when many want to put him down, not to mention his own formidable enemies—drives a narrative that many people can identify with.

#8 Doctor Who

Most-Loved TV Show And Movie Characters, Doctor Who

The very first episode of Doctor Who debuted in 1963, and since then, both the plotlines and casting of the title character have undergone significant development. The Doctor, in the opinion of Reddit user wiseoldunicorn, is someone to aspire to because "He accepts and believes in everyone he meets, and he gives everyone a chance."
The Doctor has exceptional intelligence and even fast wit. The Time Lord appreciates how they are using all of their special talents for the greater good and the benefit of society. Another fantastic quality that today's viewers may identify with is inclusivity.

#9 James Bond

Most-Loved TV Show And Movie Characters, James Bond

James Bond. Enough stated, this Redditor said without feeling the need to elaborate. It's obvious that the character is still adored and has qualities that can be emulated because of the constant discussions among fans over who should be the next James Bond.
The glamorized portrayal of the MI6 secret agent's existence, albeit it is not without its difficulties, adds to its allure. In the end, 007's responsibility is to protect the nation and stop evil things from happening. Every assignment he embarks on puts his life in danger, yet he never thinks of his own well-being.

#10 WALL-E

Most-Loved TV Show And Movie Characters, WALL-E

A deleted Reddit member picked WALL-E because "He is greater than the sum of his parts." which was maybe an unexpected choice for sum. Simply put, the Redditor makes the argument that although WALL-E is little, he has a significant influence.
It would be a mistake to undervalue his significance. Even though he might be working alone, his actions are for the sake of the earth, thus humanity should take inspiration from him. Even though picking up trash is a laborious process, he persists and makes every attempt to do it.
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