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  1. #1. Has Qatar been knocked out of the World Cup?
  2. #2. Are they the worst host nation in the history of the World Cup?
  3. #3. What about the other host nations?

Qatar Lose Again - Has A World Cup Host Ever Been Eliminated During The Group Stage?

After becoming the 2022 World Cup hosts by FIFA on December 2, 2010, Qatar had to wait 4371 days to play their first World Cup match on home soil. And now, after only nine days, the competition they had been anticipating has come to an end. Qatar was defeated 2-0 by Ecuador in the opening match of the 2022 World Cup. As a result, they needed a win over Senegal, the incumbent African champions, in their second match of the tournament. Despite a better showing, Qatar was lost again, this time by a score of 3-1, leaving them on the danger of being ousted from their own tournament at the first hurdle.
But are the hosts really out? And are they in risk of becoming the tournament's worst host nation in its 92-year history? We'll have a look at that later.

#1. Has Qatar been knocked out of the World Cup?

Qatar, World Cup Host Source: DR Sports

Qatar's second defeat drops them to the bottom of Group A with no points. The Netherlands and Ecuador have four points each, while Senegal has three. Qatar may be able to defeat The Netherlands in their last game, but they will not be able to overcome them. They cannot also overcome Ecuador, and if Senegal beats Ecuador to second place, Qatar will be unable to catch up. Qatar can only aspire for third place right now.

#2. Are they the worst host nation in the history of the World Cup?

World Cup Host Source: theathletic

In terms of performance, they are officially the worst World Cup host nation in history. When South Africa hosted the tournament in 2010, they were the first host nation to fail to advance beyond the group stage. In their defense, they were named to the 'group of death' that year, along with Uruguay, Mexico, and France. South Africa prepared well, drawing 1-1 with Mexico, falling 3-0 to Uruguay, and won 2-1 against France to finish third, only to be eliminated on goal difference. However, they only received four points and did not finish last in the standings – Qatar will not be able to complete their total.

#3. What about the other host nations?

World Cup Host Source: LozZzer

The following summarizes the host countries' performance at the World Cup finals:
  • 1930: Uruguay – Winner
  • 1934: Italy – Winner
  • 1938: France – Eliminated in the quarterfinals
  • 1950: Brazil – Eliminated in the final
  • 1954: Switzerland – Eliminated in the quarterfinals
  • 1958: Sweden – Eliminated in the final
  • 1962: Chile – Eliminated in the semifinals
  • 1966: England – Winner
  • 1970: Mexico – Eliminated in the quarterfinals
  • 1974: West Germany – Winner
  • 1978: Argentina – Winner
  • 1982: Spain – Eliminated in the second group stage
  • 1986: Mexico – Eliminated in the quarterfinals
  • 1990: Italy – Eliminated in the semifinals
  • 1994: United States – Eliminated in the Round of 16
  • 1998: France – Winner
  • 2002: Japan, South Korea – Both eliminated in the knockout stage
  • 2006: Germany – Eliminated in the semifinals
  • 2010: South Africa – Eliminated in the group stage
  • 2014: Brazil – Eliminated in the semifinals
  • 2018: Russia – Eliminated in the quarterfinals
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