If Time Machine Existed, These People Would Definitely Go Back In Time To Change The Past

If traveling back in time were possible, what would you do? There are many things you want to do, right? Some people would travel back to the past to earn more money and fame, by taking the results of sporting events or lottery results and accumulating a huge fortune, or buying stocks of companies that they know would go up in the future, for example. However, some would just want to delete embarrassing and painful moments that happened to them in the past.
And this is what the 25 people in the list below want. If time machines existed, they would definitely go back in time to prevent bad things from happening to them. Are you curious about what happened to these unlucky people? Scroll down to check them out for yourself. And tell us what you would do if you could travel back in time.

#1. A friend took a picture of me at a CrossFit competition

Source: sconnie12

#2. Marat Safin lifting a tennis trophy

Source: ColtonNygren

#3. Take away your finger

Source: myfavkitchen

#4. She had no idea

Source: showyjook

#5. Not going to end well...

Source: reddit

#6. One, two, thr-

Source: StarVulpes

#7. Fan gets nailed with a stray football while enjoying a coffee

Source: 91Marley

#8. Oops

Source: reddit

#9. When the wave kicks in

Source: SalazarRED

#10. Caught keys in a rollercoaster

Source: Bitterbal95

#11. Eyepoke!

Source: bulmeurt

#12. Perfect header, such a skilled defender!

Source: Maklo_Never_Forget

#13. Gatorade bath

Source: PalousePirate

#14. Motherhood

Source: BteThatsMee

#15. Just before the ouch

Source: you_sick_ducks

#16. Destruction of a cup castle

Source: Sissoka

#17. You had one job

Source: 2-718

#18. A photographer missing a perfect shot behind him

Go Back In Time to change the pastSource: wadeybb

#19. Giraffe getting a bit more intimate than expected

Go Back In Time to change the pastSource: GiraffeCalves

#20. Me failing to catch a basketball

Go Back In Time to change the pastSource: TheBongoMan

#21. SPLASH!!

Go Back In Time to change the pastSource: TheKohn

#22. My sister, everybody

Go Back In Time to change the pastSource: reddit

#23. Surprise head!!

Go Back In Time to change the pastSource: GallowBoob

#24. My daughter stepping on a LEGO

Go Back In Time to change the pastSource: ChronicallyPunctual

#25. When high fives go bad

Go Back In TimeSource: m0rris0n_hotel

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