How These 19 Real Life Things Become Iconic Under The Magic of Movies

Everything you see in the movies tends to be “drop-dead gorgeous”. From animals with unknown names like an anaconda, piranha, or Scarabaeus sacer that looks so cool, to iconic places such as Egyptian pyramids, Sandstone arches, or an oasis in the middle of the desert in which we dream to set foot. Even something like the iceberg, quicksand, or Paul Bunyan statue has the unique charm that we wish to shoot a pic with them and post on our social media.
To our dismay, these foregoing dreamy things are not worth the hype. In reality, they look far cry from what we see on screen. The Scarabaeus sacer looks so terrifying in the movie, it turns out a little dung beetle in real life. Or Egyptian pyramids are not as solidly charming as their look in the film.
That’s just a few examples of real-life things becoming iconic in the movie. In this post, we list out 19 not-so-great things in reality that become something dreamy in the movie. Scroll down to see how movies cast a spell on them.

#1 Paul Bunyan statue

Source: © It Chapter Two / Warner Bros. Pictures© BobChislett / Reddit

#2 There are no flying dragons in reality, yet the Komodo monitor is also referred to as a dragon.

Source: © The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug / Warner Bros. Pictures© Charles J. Sharp / Wikimedia Commons

#3 The Hogwarts Great Hall is actually the Christ Church canteen in Oxford.

Source: © Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone / Warner Bros. Pictures©

#4 The Kingsman tailor shop

Source: © Kingsman: The Secret Service / 20th Century Fox© The King's Man / 20th Century Studios© a_marga / Flickr

#5 An iceberg

Source: © Titanic / Paramount Pictures© Ben Townsend / Flickr

#6 A piranha

Source: © Piranha 3D / Miramax©

#7 The Egyptian pyramids

Source: © The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec / EuropaCorp© unknown author / Imgur

#8 The waterfall in Lost

Source: © Lost / ABC Studios© filmtourismus / Twitter

#9 Anaconda

Source: © Anaconda / Sony Pictures Releasing© Phil Whitehouse / Flickr

#10 Fire tornado

Source: © Into the Storm / Warner Bros. Pictures© Wikimedia Commons

#11 President Snow’s house

Source: © The Hunger Games: Catching Fire / Lionsgate Films©

#12 Sandstone arches

Source: © Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade / Paramount Pictures© filmtourismus / Twitter

#13 An oasis in the middle of a desert

Source: © The Mummy Returns / Universal Pictures©

#14 A terrifying Scarabaeus sacer is an ordinary dung beetle.

Source: © The Mummy / Universal Pictures© Vengolis / Wikimedia Commons

#15 The head of Great Sphinx

Source: © Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra / Pathé Distribution© Vincent Brown / Flickr

#16 Quicksand

Source: © La chèvre / Gaumont International© segelfliegerpaul / Reddit

#17 The Tunisian city of Tataouine contains landscapes similar to those on the Star Wars planet Tatooine.

Source: © Star Wars. Episode IV: A New Hope / Lucasfilm Ltd.© Ian Sewell / Wikimedia Commons

#18 In comparison to movies, the Quidditch tournament is a little less exciting in real life.

Source: © Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets / Warner Bros© Anton Bielousov / Wikimedia Commons

#19 Lastly, the Grand Budapest Hotel was an abandoned shopping mall in Germany.

Source: © The Grand Budapest Hotel / Fox Searchlight Pictures©

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