See How Famous Figures Are Lampooned By 20 Tweets

To err is human, and no one among us is perfect. There’s no way we can satisfy everybody in this world, so it’s not strange if some people don’t like us. Different people hold different viewpoints, and we tend to like those having the same view as us. This doesn’t mean that we are right or wrong, as it’s just a matter of taste and perspective. Therefore, all we need to do is be ourselves and enjoy our lives the way we want.
However, it’s easier for ordinary people to ignore public eyes and opinions. We only have a specific number of friends and acquaintances who have an influence on our lives. Even if we look sketchy or make poor decisions from time to time, not many people care much about that. Besides, those who care are tolerant enough to sympathize and forgive our errors. On the other hand, celebrities couldn’t be that carefree. They are famous and popular, so many people are aware of them and their actions. They are adored and admired by many, but at the same time, having numerous anti-fans and those who dislike them. That’s why sarcastic posts about celebrities are all the rage on the internet.
The public loves to exercise their freedom of speech on social media. They don’t hesitate to share their thoughts about a star, an event, or an incident. Some of them write funny posts or comments that are shared by many others. Though not all of us share the same view with them, we can’t admit that their remarks are really entertaining.
Let’s check out 20 Tweets that roast celebrities in an amusing way!

#1 Elon, a billionaire haggling over $8 is really something to see

Source: cait

#2 I continue to have the greatest celebrity tweets. It's really not even close.

Source: Zach Nading



#4 Picturing Jordan Peterson not getting a Ligma joke is the funniest thing ever

Source: Burner

#5 Simple solution

Source: Geraldine

#6 Dan Snyder...confirmed POS

Source: Rob Flaherty

#7 Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes...No Kanye?

Source: Liam Nissan

#8 If anything it makes her hotter

Source: rachel syme

#9 Just one day, wear a t-shirt and jeans. Just one time.

Source: ems

#10 Commitment to the bit is half the battle

Source: Emily Murnane

#11 Apparently Hitler has been removed, but like why we ever did we go that route?

Source: Lucky Chucky

#12 Musk is really about to put Kermit out on the streets.

Source: James

#13 Zachary David Efron, what are you doing?

Source: alejandra

#14 This checks out

Source: Mister Terrible

#15 Anybody have some aloe vera? This one burns.

Source: Saadia

#16 the turntables

Source: NFL memes

#17 Ohio has become the new Florida and I love it.

Source: My Chemical Romance

#18 Boom, roasted

Source: kaceytron

#19 LMAO Astros fans are delusional

Source: Tieran

#20 Yunghoe Koo

Source: TPS

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