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  1. #1. What is the Casey Anthony documentary about?
  2. #2. Where To Watch Casey Anthony Documentary 2022?
  3. #3. How To Watch The Casey Anthony Documentary On Peacock?
  4. #4. How To Watch The Casey Anthony Documentary Free?

Watch 'Casey Anthony Documentary' 2022: Free Download

The three-part Peacock series, which airs Nov. 29, is a sometimes painful journey through Anthony’s psyche and the public and media reaction to the social media trial of the century that turned the then-25-year-old into a nationally despised villain.
After the not-guilty verdict was handed down, Anthony has rarely been heard from. She exists in the ether as a kind of monstrous figure of cable news, anointed “tot mom” by a disgusted Nancy Grace — a projection screen for misogynist fantasy and moralizing about bad motherhood. Even the announcement of the docuseries prompted a massive backlash.
Here is where to watch Casey Anthony Documentary

#1. What is the Casey Anthony documentary about?

Casey Anthony Documentary 2022Source: Entertainment Tonight

 According to director Alexandra Dean, the docuseries will look at Casey Anthony's case, trial and life through Anthony's eyes.
"Casey had never given an in-depth or on-camera interview explaining her actions until now, and as a filmmaker and journalist, my interest was in getting closer to the unbiased truth by hearing all sides of the story—from opposing voices to Casey herself," Dean said in a statement. "While having access to Casey was critical, it was even more important that we had complete editorial control over the outcome of the reporting we did. Casey did not see or give notes on the film."
"What emerges over the course of multiple interviews recorded over six months, is a startling psychological portrait of Casey Anthony and a complete narrative of what she says happened to her daughter weighed against multiple sources of potential evidence," Dean continued. "I believe the result will surprise many, and cause the American public to look at this story in a new light."
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#2. Where To Watch Casey Anthony Documentary 2022?

Casey Anthony Documentary 2022Source: TMZ

Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies Documentary exclusively premiered on Peacock. The Casey Anthony Documentary release date is on Nov. 29, 2022
Now streaming on Peacock Premium, the three-part limited series is the latest, and perhaps the buzziest, of Peacock’s True-Crime Tuesdays lineup. Directed by Alexandra Dean, the docuseries is told through Casey’s account of the infamous 2008 trial in which Anthony was charged with first-degree murder in relation to the death of her two-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony. Per Peacock, the series features “Casey’s personal archives, behind the scenes footage, and the defense’s evidence” to deliver a “never-before-seen look into both sides of a story that ignited a media firestorm.”

#3. How To Watch The Casey Anthony Documentary On Peacock?

Casey Anthony Documentary 2022Source: IMDb

Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies is streaming on Peacock Premium ($4.99/month or $49.99/year). Peacock is available across a variety of platforms, including Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox, and more. You can also watch Peacock on your web browser or via a variety of cable providers set top boxes (Cox, Contour, Xfinity). You can download the Peacock app on Google Play, iTunes, Roku, and more.
Peacock Premium Plus is also available for $9.99/month or $99.99/year and features fewer ads.

#4. How To Watch The Casey Anthony Documentary Free?

Casey Anthony Documentary 2022Source: Parade

 Unfortunately, Peacock isn’t currently offering a free trial of Peacock Premium. Stay followed for the updated free version of the Casey Anthony Documentary free watching. is a website that provides you with Entertainment updates and creative ideas to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about updated celebrity and entertainment news.
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