20 One-Of-A-Kind Car Mufflers That Transformed Ordinary Cars Into Wonderful Ones

Does anyone of you love cars? Do you admit that you really want to own a unique car instead of an ordinary one that was mass-produced? Not only you but many people love driving a one-and-only car, however, those often are sold at a price that cost an arm and a leg. If you don't have enough money but still want to have one of your own, what will you do? Sell your house to have enough money? Borrow money from others? I know a better way. That is making one-of-a-kind car mufflers yourself.
If you don't have any idea, scroll down and check out the list below to get some inspiration. In this list, we have collected one-of-a-kind car mufflers that people around the world came up with to transform their ordinary cars into wonderful ones. And these muffler upgrades have made these people's cars become the highlight on the road.

#1. I'm a designer for my mom

Source: Gubanoff85

#2. When you have the hottest exhaust in the area

Source: toormak

#3. Silencer!!!!!

Source: pikabu

#4. Definitely disabled

Source: Aksamit

#5. I thought I had seen it all

Source: thomass7287x

#6. Are you supposed to put cannonballs in these?

Source: craigchandler0398

#7. Is it "style" or aggravation?

Source: dm783

#8. Audiphile

Source: Kuchka70

#9. Haven't seen this yet

Source: Schastje

#10. Attaching 96 Whistles to a Sports Car's Exhaust

Source: CodyHovland

#11. This one was crazy

Source: Supa_Slacka

#12. This looks funny

Source: Michael Spady

#13. Spotted this style

Source: dsport

#14. The IDK what I am doing tail pipe

One-Of-A-Kind Car MufflersSource: 1Ezekiel

#15. I thought the wheels were stupid, then I saw the muffler

One-Of-A-Kind Car MufflersSource: Foecrass

#16. Legend has it he’s still adding exhaust tips to this day

One-Of-A-Kind Car MufflersSource: Jeezusyeezus

#17. What's going on here?

One-Of-A-Kind Car MufflersSource: patrikvas

#18. Nice free-flowing exhaust

One-Of-A-Kind Car MufflersSource: NastyPlays

#19. A multi-mufflered approach

One-Of-A-Kind Car MufflersSource: ZapperDubs

#20. I'm not sure how I feel about this one

One-Of-A-Kind Car MufflersSource: damnkidzgetoffmylawn

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