Horrible Secrets That Internet Personalities Tried To Hide

Many well-known social media stars have found themselves in the middle of scandals, and while they may want to put those scandals behind them for good, the internet never forgets. We conducted extensive research and unearthed some disturbing information about social media influencers. Let's get started.

1. Khaby Lame’s previous posts are very controversial

Source: TikTok

The most popular influencer on TikTok as of this writing is Khabane "Khaby" Lame, who has over 150 million followers. He rose to fame during the pandemic thanks to his expressionless responses to silly life hack videos. Even though he's been very successful with his straightforward yet entertaining videos, there have still been issues.
A few of Lame's older posts were discovered and started circulating online in 2021. Lame allegedly made a few clips where he body-shamed other people before he became an internet celebrity, as Dexerto noted at the time. Some commenters weren't very happy with this newly discovered content, according to Sportskeeda. “I'm so glad I never followed you,” one person said. "People still like him after what he did?" another questioned. However, several commenters didn't think it was fair to hold these previous videos against him.
Other posts by Lame have received criticism for being misogynistic. According to The New York Times, he demonstrates the areas of his house he would like a woman to clean, in response to her question in a video, "If you had 24 hours with me, what would you do?". In a different duet, Lame gives a woman who is sobbing a dish and a sponge. Lame hasn't offered any commentary on these old videos as of this writing.

2. Bella Poarch has a tattoo describing a rising sun

Source: TikTok

No one who uses social media today is likely to have never heard of Bella Poarch. According to Sportskeeda, a TikTok video Poarch made in 2020 quickly became the most popular video on the app, catapulting her to popularity and earning her close to 92 million TikTok followers.
She is also a singer who is best known for her debut hit, "Build a B***h," in addition to being one of the most well-known social media influencers. The Filipino-American singer disclosed, in response to a fan's query on TikTok, that she received tattoos on specific body parts to cover up scars from abuse she endured as a youngster.
The rising sun flag, which is linked to imperialism and Japan's military past, was one of the tattoos. South Korea asked that the flag not be flown at the 2020 Olympics, according to the AP. Poarch expressed regret for having the tattoo in a tweet from September 2020 and stated that she had the emblem covered as soon as she learnt more about the flag. She said, "I apologize to Koreans because 6 months ago I got a tattoo of the red sun with 16 rays. At that time, I didn't know the history. [...] I am ashamed of myself for not doing my research."

3.  Zach King’s accusations

Source: YouTube

Zach King, a popular YouTuber and TikToker known for his carefully manipulated movies that make them appear like illusions, was sued by an ex-employee, who used to be a producer of his company, King Studio LLC, in December 2021.
Elisabeth Logan, who began working for King in 2015 when she was 23 years old, reportedly filed a lawsuit against the TikToker in Los Angeles County's Central District Court, alleging that King had once undressed and left his underwear in her office. The lawsuit also said that he prevented Logan from taking part in company-wide activities that males were permitted to do in addition to paying Logan less than what her male coworkers were earning at the time.
According to the lawsuit, King fired Logan in May 2020 due to a Zoom conference and then used her habitual overcomplaining as justification. According to NBC Los Angeles, the complaint read, "Zach King falsely attracts brands to work with him based upon a charming, clean-cut, Christian persona. In truth, Mr. King is a gifted liar, a narcissist who believes the rules do not apply to him and a misogynist. Unfortunately, plaintiff Elisabeth Logan found this out the hard way when she began working for Zach King at 23 years old."

4.  The Nas Daily celebrity had a feud with environmentalist Louise Mabulo

Source: Nas Daily

Hundreds of short videos have been produced by the media outlet Nas Daily for social media, and the Arab-Israeli YouTuber Nuseir Yassin is responsible for all of it. The Cacao Project's creator and environmentalist Louise Mabulo accused Yassin of trying to utilize the Philippines as a source of "clickable material" in 2021.
Mabulo, who was included in Forbes' list of the 30 under 30 in 2020, wrote in her post that Yassin, who came to her town in 2019 to do a story on her work, imitated the dialect, neglected to address the real problems, kept calling Filipinos "poor," and never expressed gratitude to Mabulo's family for their hospitality. "This man was exploitative and fueling a neocolonialist narrative using our need for foreign validation," she wrote.
On the same day Mabulo called him out, Yassin responded online. Yassin retorted, denying all the claims in his article, "Our investigation has made it clear that your story in the media is false. And that there are no '200 farmers' that you work with, and there are no Cacao plantations that you don't personally profit from." Following the Facebook battle, several followers sided with Yassin, but a lot of online users backed Mabulo.
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