7 Fashion Choices And Mishaps At Superbowl Halftime Show That We Would Never Forget

Superbowl has long been known as an unofficial holiday, and also one of the fav days for most Americans. It’s so comparable to World Cup as the audience will enjoy top-notch matches, then on a rollercoaster of emotions. You can be extremely euphoric when the team you cheer for seals the win, yet also like a cat on a hot brick when they’re on the edge of failure, or even get angry when they are unfairly lost.
Along with fiery matches, the halftime show also snags the attention of viewers. Even some people come to the show to enjoy halftime performances rather than football matches. This is a big event, so the half-time performances should be also extraordinary. Many famous singers make the headline after having such awe-inspiring performances that hype us up.
Along with fiery dance, and wholesome vocals, many celebs really take their halftime performance up a notch with their fashion choices. Some of them leave a mark with their unique and bold outfits that make people can’t help talking about them. Although some of them may cause a stir as they’re “too unique”, they steal the major attention and impression of the show.
In this post, we’ve curated 7 times famous singers hands down impress viewers with their fashion choices. From the “Mother Monster” Lady Gaga to the sister of Michael Jackson - Janet Jackson, they make it hard for you to forget. Get into them now.

#1 Lady Gaga

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As ever, Lady Gaga grips huge attention with her uber-unique gear once she appears. At the Superbowl halftime show in 2011, the “Mother Monster” flew onto the stage with a Swarovski crystal-embroidered jumpsuit and sang “Million Reasons”. Her crystal crust rocked the world, drawing over 5 million tweets.

Source: Jeff Kravitz/Filmmagic

After that, she switched to a white bedazzled jacket, featuring football player-esque shoulder pads, paired with silver Swarovski crystal-detailed HotPants to perform a medley of her hits. However, this gear sparked controversy due to her "loose" stomach.

#2 Jennifer Lopez

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In 2020, JLos graced Superbowl with her stunning appearance. She wore a sequined bodysuit, adding her political flair by donning a great cloak decorated with the flags of Puerto Rico and the United States. That earned her one of the most iconic appearances in Superbowl history.

#3 Madonna

Source: Pop Sugar

As the first solo female artist to perform at Superbowl halftime in 16 years, the appearance of Madonna in this 2016 big event was actually worth its weight in gold. Better yet, the singer of the hit “Material Girl” really makes audiences go gaga over her astonishing outfit with a black and gold theme, especially her Cleopatra-inspired headpiece. She’s a sheer big star of the show.

#4 Katy Perry

Source: David J. Phillip/AP

Source: Gotceleb

2015's halftime show with Katy Perry was hands down memorable. She arrived on a giant mechanical tiger, and her Cheetos-inspired gear was fiery hot. Of course, we can't forget about the dopey left shark.

#5 Diana Ross

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The legendary Diana Ross dominated the halftime show in 1996 while wearing a gorgeous orange and pink dress. So far, fans are still missing her and long for her top-notch appearance, just like the 1996 halftime stage.

#6 Beyonce and Bruno Mars

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What a legendary pair, the pop king and queen performed at the 2016 Super Bowl. For the second time, they wore identical black outfits embellished with gold jewelry and accessories. Some viewers thought their attire wasn't up to par, but to us, it was adequate to make the halftime show sparkle.

#7 Janet Jackson

Source: Independent

Janet Jackson's costume malfunction was arguably the most famous and momentous moment in Super Bowl history. Miss. Jackson's left boob came right out of her clothing while performing with Justin Timberlake in 2004, making it difficult to remember anything else about the night. The sister of Michael Jackson came under the lạsh for this moment. That’s even regarded as a stain in her career path.

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