20 Infuriating Boyfriends Who Are So Lucky They Haven't Been Dumped Yet

Everyone deserves love and happiness but apparently, not everyone is lucky enough to have a good partner. Today, we are here to call out all the boyfriends who are so frustrating, selfish, and unbearable. They insist on doing things their way without considering the outcome of their actions which may negatively affect their partners and people around them. From leaving the kitchen a disaster to parking on a spot that blocks others from moving forward to breaking 11 smartphones within a year of moving in together, etc. You literally can't imagine how annoying and irritating these situations are until you see the pictures below taken and shared by their partners.
Now take a deep breath before scrolling down to see our list of 20 infuriating boyfriends who don't seem to have any common sense at all. Check them out and thank God later you never date one of them!

#1. "Came home to a Smokey apartment and a boyfriend asleep on the couch. Not even sure what these were."

Source: Interesting-Duck6793

#2. My boyfriend’s solution to me being mad that he finishes everything in the house without buying a replacement.

Source: OhhHunnyBunny

#3. "Just done my business. *Someone* left this. And yes, I’m using this sub of 4 million users to personally call out my boyfriend."

Source: beepboopwannadie

#4. "Good morning. Found my boyfriend's glass bottles in the freezer. He’s at work."

Source: AriValentina

#5. "My boyfriend : *Does the dishes* The sink :"

Source: lululock

#6. "Came to the kitchen to find out that my boyfriend hung the towel like this"

Source: contasecundaria567

#7. "My boyfriend put his tie in the washing machine and completely f*cked it up"

Source: RaeKayz

#8. "How my boyfriend folds socks versus how they should be folded."

Source: sehwyl

#9. "How my boyfriend eats apples"

Infuriating BoyfriendsSource: bigfatcandyslut

#10. "This boyfriend, who doesn't rinse his glass between drinks or snacks, and filled it with drinking water after enjoying Oreos and milk"

Infuriating BoyfriendsSource: gr8cornh0lio

#11. "The 11 smartphones that my mom’s boyfriend has broken in the year they’ve been together."

Infuriating BoyfriendsSource: ThayPastaGuy

#12. "My boyfriend's food cupboard. I think he must upend his shopping bags direct in the cupboard rather than unpack."

Source: lellielellelelle

#13. "How my boyfriend opened a can of ravioli at midnight when he was hungry. The grey and red thing on the paper just behind is a can opener. I'm speechless"

Infuriating BoyfriendsSource: RandomGurl269

#14. "My boyfriend eats klondike bars by scooping the ice cream out of the chocolate shell"

Infuriating BoyfriendsSource: clanofxymox

#15. "How my stoned boyfriend cut our pizza"

Infuriating BoyfriendsSource: lovelycassy

#16. "My boyfriend and I tried baking macarons for the first time... Guess which ones are his"

Infuriating BoyfriendsSource: Xesye

#17. "My mom’s boyfriend smokes in the bathroom and leaves ashes everywhere, brand new roll and I cringe thinking of using it"

Infuriating BoyfriendsSource: Xesye

#18. "The way my boyfriend ate this pie"

Infuriating BoyfriendsSource: LostSoulAesthetics

#19. "How my boyfriend wears his socks. They didn't roll down on their own, he intentionally does this."

Infuriating BoyfriendsSource: HowThoseTitsFart

#20. "My boyfriend's gaming set up"

Infuriating BoyfriendsSource: Sassandride

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