20+ Celebrities Who Show The World That Couture Fashion Is Not Just For Models

Have you ever heard of Haute Couture? The term "high couture" (French for "high sewing" or "high dressmaking") describes the production of high-end clothing. It is a common term for clothes that have been specially tailored and are made largely in Paris, but also in other fashion hubs including New York, London, and Milan. Haute couture is frequently produced from pricey, high-quality fabric with meticulous attention paid to every last stitch, often employing laborious hand-executed techniques. It is also typically made to order for a specific client. The phrase is occasionally only used to describe French fashion; more frequently, it describes any distinctively fashionable design created on demand for affluent and distinguished customers.
Nowadays, Haute Couture is no longer limited to models, in fact, everyone can wear it. celebrities have long been prone to experimenting with Haute Couture fashions, whether it is for eye-catching appearances at important events or unforgettable night-out clothes. Even while some people may find the extravagant designs of top couture houses to be excessive, they are unquestionably the best option for celebrities wishing to establish a distinctive style.
Below is a list of 20+ celebs who have worn Couture Fashion and shown the world that nothing is impossible.

#1 Yves Saint Laurent — Emma Stone

#2 Michael Kors — Celine Dion

#3 Céline — Selena Gomez

#4 Alexander McQueen — Lady Gaga

#5 Schiaparelli — Emilia Clarke

Source: Schiaparelli AW19

#6 Versace — Nicole Kidman

#7 Victoria Beckham — Kate Winslet

Source: Peter Michael Dills/Getty Images

#8 Gucci — Salma Hayek

#9 Elie Saab — Aishwarya Rai

#10 Céline — Dakota Johnson

#11 Givenchy — Meryl Streep

#12 Valentino — Monica Bellucci

#13 Christian Dior — Angelina Jolie

Source: Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2017-2018

#14 Erdem — Chloë Grace Moretz

#15 Jean Paul Gaultier — Catherine Deneuve

#16 Dries Van Noten — Margot Robbie

#17 Elie Saab — Helen Mirren

#18 Brandon Maxwell — Jennifer Aniston

#19 Valentino — Jane Fonda

Source: 2020 Screen Actors Guild Awards

#20 Elie Saab — Jennifer Lopez

#21 Jean Paul Gaultier — Lizzo

#22 Julie de Libran — Kirsten Dunst

#23 Fendi — Emily Carey

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