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  1. 1. What is mRNa vaccine?
  2. 2. How does mRNa work?
  3. 3. mRNa Injections: The Medical Scandal 

All About mRNa Injections: The Huge Medical Scandal In The History Of The World

What is mRNa vaccine? Is it safe in terms of long-term effectiveness? Recently, people has questioned the actual effect of mRNa vaccine after the US Goverment posts a study related to mRNa Injections.

1. What is mRNa vaccine?

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 Vaccines help prevent infection by preparing the body to fight foreign invaders (such as bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens). All vaccines introduce into the body a harmless piece of a particular bacteria or virus, triggering an immune response. Most vaccines contain a weakened or dead bacteria or virus. However, scientists have developed a new type of vaccine that uses a molecule called messenger RNA (mRNA) rather than part of an actual bacteria or virus.

2. How does mRNa work?

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mRNA vaccines work by introducing a piece of mRNA that corresponds to a viral protein, usually a small piece of a protein found on the virus’s outer membrane. (Individuals who get an mRNA vaccine are not exposed to the virus, nor can they become infected with the virus by the vaccine.) By using this mRNA, cells can produce the viral protein. As part of a normal immune response, the immune system recognizes that the protein is foreign and produces specialized proteins called antibodies. Antibodies help protect the body against infection by recognizing individual viruses or other pathogens, attaching to them, and marking the pathogens for destruction.

3. mRNa Injections: The Medical Scandal 

In September 2022, US Gov posts study on official website, concludes that:“Adverse effects from mRNa injections are due to stress caused by 'anti-vaxxers'! That questions the effectiveness of this vaccine
There is a controversial discussion about mRNa vaccine. Opinion raised about the reason why mRNA hasn’t been successful product before because it doesn't work
That keep people questioning about the long-term safety of the vaccine

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