You Would Never Believe These Actresses Played These Male Characters

There were many times when actors had to dress up as the opposite gender for their roles, but these movie stars just took it to the next level. Without reading the credits, we wouldn’t know these actresses played these male characters. They just erase the limitations of age, nationality, language, and gender. More than just appearance transformations, they became one with their roles
So let’s find out how these actresses played these male characters and how exceptionally good they were. Their transformations will certainly 100% blow your mind.

1. Cate Blanchett - Bob Dylan

actresses played these male characters Cate Blanchett - Bob DylanSource: Getty/ I'm Not There / K***er Films and co-producers

In the biographical movie I'm Not There, Cate Blanchett played the part of Jude Quinn, one of Bob Dylan's shifting personals. She did such a great job that nobody recognized she was an actress playing a man. Not only did she nail the image of one of the grumpiest men in the music industry, but she also nailed his spiritual chaos.

2. Angelina Jolie - Evelyn Salt

actresses played these male characters Angelina Jolie - Evelyn SaltSource: Getty/ Salt / Columbia Pictures and co-producers

In the 2010 movie Salt, Angelina Jolie’s character had to disguise herself as a colonel after she was accused of being a spy for the KGB. Let’s say that she and the makeup team did a great job, cause no way in hell you could tell that was Angelina Jolie from the first glance.

3. Gwyneth Paltrow - Viola de Lesseps

actresses played these male characters Gwyneth Paltrow - Viola de LessepsSource: Getty/ Shakespeare in Love / Universal Pictures and co-producers

In the movie Shakespeare in Love, Gwyneth Paltrow’s character, Viola de Lesseps, also had to disguise herself as a man to impress Shakespeare. Women in the past were not allowed to go on stage to act in theatre plays, so Viola turned herself into Thomas Kent. Paltrow’s amazing performance brought her an Oscar, a Golden Globe, and 2 SAG Awards.

4. Hilary Swank - Brandon Teena

actresses played these male characters Hilary Swank - Brandon TeenaSource: Getty/ Boys don't cry / Fox Searchlight Pictures and co-producers

Hilary Swank won Best Actress for an Oscar and a Golden Globe thanks to her role as Brandon Teena in Boys Don’t Cry. Teena was a transgender man who was forced to flee from his home and drift to a Nebraska town.

5. Amanda Bynes - Sebastian Hastings

actresses played these male characters Amanda Bynes - Sebastian HastingsSource: Getty/ She's the man / Dreamworks Pictures and co-producers

In the 2006 teen film She’s the Man, Amanda Bynes played the role of Viola Hastings, a girl who impersonated her brother to play soccer. Her real brother, Sebastian, was in London during that time. Considering the movie’s popularity, we could all agree that Bynes did a pretty great job playing a boy.

6. Elle Fanning - Ray

Elle Fanning - RaySource: Getty/ 3 Generations / Big Beach Films and co-producers

In the 2015 drama named 3 Generations, Elle Fanning played Ray, a teenager who underwent a gender transition. Her decision and the journey she went through would change the routine and expectations of her entire family forever.

7. Glenn Close - Albert Nobbs

Glenn Close - Albert NobbsSource: Getty/ Entertainment One

Albert Nobbs revolved around Nobbs, who was born a woman but lived his life as a man for 30 years to gain independence. From the way she looked to the way she talked, Glenn Close’s performance in the movie was perfect.

8. Tilda Swinton - Dr. Klemperer

Tilda Swinton - Dr. KlempererSource: Getty/ Amazon Studios

The 2018 movie Suspiria is one of the best remakes ever. Everybody would instantly recognize Tilda Swinton as Madame Blanc. However, not everybody knew she also played Dr. Klemperer, an old psychiatrist who was investigating the coven's activities after one of his clients disappeared.

9. Blanca Portillo - Friar Emilio Bocanegra

Blanca Portillo - Friar Emilio BocanegraSource: Getty/ Alatriste / Estudios Picasso and co-producers

Can you believe that it is the same person in these pictures? Blanca Portillo did an amazing job playing Emilio Bocanegra in the 2006 film Alatriste. She looked so different that without reading the credits, a lot of us still wouldn’t believe it was her.

10. Mariah Carey - The Stalker In Her Music Video

Mariah Carey - The Stalker In Her Music VideoSource: Getty/ Mariah Carey / YouTube

In her music video for Obsessed, Mariah Carey was followed by a stalker who would stalk her everywhere. If you look a little bit closer, you will realize that the creepy stalker is played by none other than Mariah Carey herself.
There is no doubt that these actresses played these male characters very well. Can you recognize any of them at the first glance? Some other actors and actresses also went through extreme transformations and were unafraid to get ugly for their roles. They really deserve a round of applause!
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