19 Photos Of Cats Chilling In The Most Random Places

If you own a cat or enjoy spending hours watching amusing cat videos, you're undoubtedly already aware of our feline companions' simple "If I fits, I sits" rule. So finding cats relaxing in unexpected locations like drawers and sinks isn't all that strange.
Even on Reddit, there is a dedicated section called "The Cat Trap Is Working" where cat owners post amusing images of their cats squeezing into the strangest spaces in their homes. Check out the gallery below to see some of their funniest posts. Check out our previous article here if you want to see more images like these.

#1 The Elliptical Trap. At Least Someone Uses It!

Source: CatastropheCat99

#2 They’re Huge Fans


#3 After Making A Pan Of Brownies, I Covered It With A Hand Towel To Protect It From Curious Cats. This Only Attracted Racer To A Comfy Brownie Bed

Source: Shiitakia

#4 I Waited Two Days For This Picture

Source: custermustache

#5 I Know It Isn’t A Box But My Cat Loves To Sit On Kitchen Cloths!!


#6 For Some Reason This Particular Bag Of Groceries Was Heavier Than The Rest

Source: ExplanationDear4922

#7 Owner Sacrifices Own Life To Not Disturb The Kitty


#8 I Was Sent Here To Show You How Effective Cat Traps Can Be At The Foot Of The Bed. Everyone Tucked In Nicely, Nobody Gets Squashed In Their Sleep!

Source: Im_Asia

#9 He Loves Legos Very Much

Source: holly_molly_33441

#10 He Did Not Fit… And Yet He Sat

Source: MissDelaylah

#11 Waiting Politely In Line For The Sink Trap

Source: ldogrules

#12 Might Need A Bigger Terrarium For This Lizard

Source:  cl0yd

#13 Caught A Couple Of Criminals

Source: kittenCASA

#14 Unconventional, But Effective

Source: cervenit

#15 He Forgot His Poptart Outside The Trap!

Source: pinkeskimo

#16 That’s One Weird Potato


#17 $10 Meat Lovers Trap Is Working Well


#18  $10 Meat Lovers Trap Is Working Well

Source: Steriotypical-tipper

#19 The Box Is Also An Arm Rest

Source: Dizzy_Journalist4486

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