15 Historical Figures And How They Would Look If They Followed Modern Beauty Standards

We know historical figures mostly through old photos in school textbooks and short montages from documentaries. They're icons of the old era and through them, we can understand the past better. Many of them shaped the foundation of our society today, and many of their stories are still able to inspire us to build a brighter future for humanity.
However, we can't help but wonder what these historical figures would look like if they were born in our time. How much will their appearances change if they fit the beauty standards of the 21st century? Will they still have some resemblances to their original versions, or will they become totally unrecognizable?
So with the help of AI technology and photoshop, we have somewhat found the answers to those questions. By using AI, some talented people on the Internet are able to bring these historical figures to life from the few pale, flat portraits we have of them. Here is how they probably look if they follow modern beauty standards.

1. Shakespeare

historical figures ShakespeareSource: Public Domain Mark 1.0

2. Albert Einstein

historical figures Albert EinsteinSource: Public Domain Mark 1.0

3. Nikola Tesla

historical figures Nikola TeslaSource: Public Domain Mark 1.0

4. Jane Austen

historical figures Jane AustenSource: Public Domain Mark 1.0

5. Grace Kelly

historical figures Grace KellySource: Public Domain Mark 1.0

6. Julius Ceasar

historical figures Julius CeasarSource: royalty_now_

7. Queen Elizabeth I

historical figures Queen Elizabeth ISource: royalty_now_

8. Nefertiti

NefertitiSource: Public Domain Mark 1.0

9. Sigmund Freud

Sigmund FreudSource: Public Domain Mark 1.0

10. Elvis Presley

Elvis PresleySource: Public Domain Mark 1.0

11. Abraham Lincoln

Abraham LincolnSource: royalty_now_

12. Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin FranklinSource: royalty_now_

13. Mona Lisa

Mona LisaSource: royalty_now_

14. Marie Antionette

Marie AntionetteSource: royalty_now_

15. Princess Margaret

Princess MargaretSource: Public Domain Mark 1.0

Who are your favorite historical figures? Do you think they look good following modern beauty standards or do they look absolutely ridiculous with their new changes? Speaking of famous people from the past, here are some pictures of celebs who passed away too soon and what they would look like if they were still with us. These pictures will bring tears to your eyes.
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