16 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Middle-Aged Life

If you have reached somewhere between the ages of 40-60, then welcome to middle age, where the thing that gets you excited is just a clean sheet. If you haven't entered your sunset years yet, we suggest you continue reading to know better about your older family members. Whether you love it or not, aging happens to everyone. They say, with age comes wisdom. Apparently, most of us don't notice that a better sense of humor comes when people get older as well. There is no exception, no way to avoid reaching your middle-aged life, so why not look at it with a little humor? It's best to be like the old folks below, who are so funny online and make fun of whatever happens to their twilight years.
We've scoured Twitter and compiled a list of 16 of the most hilarious tweets about what it's like to enter middle-aged life. Scroll down to check them out!

#1. "OMG haha I need this on a mug"

Source: simoncholland

#2. "Oh my god yes!"

Source: sixfootcandy

#3. Be careful or your dinner might lap your lunch!

Source: RodLacroix

#4. "I turned 59 on Friday. Heating pad and nachos has been much of the last decade. Sometimes it’s heating pad, nachos, and Tylenol."

Source: traciebreaux

#5. "And when was my last steak to make sure I don’t bruise so easily?"

middle-aged lifeSource: mommajessiec

#6. "And under no circumstances shall there be morning activities."

middle-aged lifeSource: BigKidProblems

#7. "Middle age Christmases are wild"

Source: simoncholland

#8. "Same with my mask"


#9. "And I’ve actually screwed up the days on my pill container."

Source: sixfootcandy

#10. Pillow Drama - it’s a thing.

middle-aged lifeSource: simoncholland

#11. SO much more valuable than the traditional implication.

middle-aged lifeSource: cbridgmon

#12. "Just ask the Mrs. You've told her the same stories for years, anyway. She can sort it out for you."

Source: TheBoydP

#13. Hell yeah. Jersey porch game

Source: mjkiebus

#14. Must be a sign. Lol.

middle-aged lifeSource: EllingtonSoul

#15. "I'm "I get excited when leftovers fit perfectly in the Tupperware container I picked out" years old."

middle-aged lifeSource: mama_babble

#16. Oh yessss

middle-aged lifeSource: RodLacroix

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