32 Infuriating Situations That Can Piss Off The Buddhist Monk

Regardless of how calm and chilled you are, there will always be things in life that will irritate the living daylights out of you. Like when your lunch sandwich falls apart, or your pencil breaks when you try to sharpen it? And these are just a few annoying things. Continue reading because we have prepared 34 most infuriating situations that can even irritate a Buddhist monk.
You can find so many people on the internet sharing the most mildly infuriating situations they have come across, and some of them will really make your blood boil—at least a little bit. And, while we are all aware that there are flaws in life and that nothing is perfect yet, that doesn't make these images any less mind-boggling. Therefore, get ready to be annoying, and this is a fair warning. Because these following photos are moderately shocking, slightly aggravating, and mildly infuriating, but they are also dead*ss hilarious.

#1. So that was a lie.

Source: unfednativism

#2. "An extended family member broke the toilet seat while at a gathering and left without mentioning it to anyone."

Source: ZeroSleepSamus

#3. Like, which is it?

Source: anonymous2458

#4. Journalists who feel they should tell other people how to live:

Source: thelearningjourney

#5. "Please reward your driver for outstanding service — because we most certainly won't"

Source: 404Dawg

#6. Yes, my favorite movie is 3.

Source: wrongtrout83

#7. "My father DIYed this and refused to fix it."

Source: miraemirae88

#8. Am I supposed to die unsafely or die safely?

Source: musicalkursk606

#9. "This is what it costs me to breathe properly. Just the inhaler."

Source: ally-sha

#10. "Half drank water bottles left in the fridge by my roommate."

Source: who-cares-2345

#11. This question.

Source: Nebraska716

#12. Hooters has taken all of their prices off their menus:

Source: mediocrechris

#13. "Every morning I wake up cold. Every morning my cat's hogging the furnace vent."

Source: qwertyroffle

#14. Amount charged to get a covid test.

Source: Nebraska716

#15. This is 4 plates, the rest is “preferences” and a few allergies:

Source: KarenTheManagah

#16. "My uncle's suitcase after his flight."

Source: an0nym0ose

#17. "My Shrek plate fit perfectly into my stainless steel pot so now I can’t get it out without breaking."

Source: CochinNbrahma

#18. "Just wait until my kids choke on large pills; thanks."

Source: rockproducer

#19. "My cousin moved in with us a few months ago, this is me constantly telling her to turn down her music late at night"

Source: heeey321

#20. This toilet in a KFC restaurant is not free even for customers:

Source: DVP21

#21. "Security guard texting my wife after she checked into a business."

Source: FunnyHighway9575

#22. Does anybody else get brain fog when this happens?

Source: BuryingThoughts

#23. Me and my nephew looked for 5min.

Source: JadeMaxChez

#24. This just speaks for itself:

Source: CuntsStoleMyNames

#25. This Captcha, WTF is that an eagle?

Source: oldceleron

#26. Apple charges $250 to repair AirPod Pros (Gen 1)

Source: Revolutionary_Cut167

#27. These whitening strips came in our Walmart pickup order like this: in the security box.

Source: relaxinatthelake

#28. This guy with an off-center chin patch.

Source: snfrog

#29. "3rd straw down and still not finished with my smoothie."

Source: New_Fry

#30. This bothers me on a deeply personal level.

Source: lick_my_chops

#31. When an eraser does anything but clears up a mistake:

Source: kayakoo

#32. This happens every time!

Source: imgur

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