20 Photos That Are More Absurd Than You Could Have Ever Imagined

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In our post today, we are going to share with you guys 20 photos of absurd things that people around the world have spotted and shared with others online. They are teeth mechanical keyboard, and duck mascots, or a man standing weirdly. The list goes on. Take a minute to scroll down and check them out right now. Don't forget to upvote your favs and share this list with your loved ones to make them laugh too.

#1. Always remember, don’t feed your kid to a crocodile

Source: WeirdMathematician

#2. Teeth mechanical keyboard

Source: CaptainxB*tt

#3. No wonder this house feels haunted

Source: andrejuslt

#4. And then he bent both

Source: biglopata

#5. I think I found Sid from Toy Story's car

Source: eternallylearning

#6. And you say the remote control is in "polyethylene"

Source: makkl

#7. The peak in duck mascots

Source: chr15c

#8. Any man who can do this should be allowed to

Source: jamesdoleman

#9. A lady driving her dog around in a radio-controlled BMW

Source: Neil_Paine

#10. Definitely not a serial killer’s car

Source: pdxmikaela

#11. How the designer can come up with this?

Absurd PhotosSource: MallyMack_

#12. Since we’re posting “normal” nails

Absurd PhotosSource: Supernova821

#13. Ohh

Absurd PhotosSource: 03Shael

#14. It's freshly cut cocoa beans

Absurd PhotosSource: orinocodf

#15. But why?

Absurd PhotosSource: reddit

#16. Glory holes getting fancy nowadays

Absurd PhotosSource: SDF5150

#17. Laptop in cinema

Absurd PhotosSource: alaninspace

#18. Arch in the hospital gives hope!

Absurd PhotosSource: RomaryoAgro1

#19. Stick on gems for your arse cheeks

Absurd PhotosSource: Big_Miss_Steak_

#20. Doll house

Absurd PhotosSource: adamsappol

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