10+ Scenes In Disney Movies That Don’t Make Sense For Kids

Disney may target kids for a large portion of its content, but that doesn't mean they are not for adults as well. To that end, several parents often choose any random cartoon for their children to keep them entertained. They often fail to realize that the creators of many cartoon shows have managed to sneak in adult humor. Despite the fact that it is beyond the comprehension of the majority of children, this type of humor undoubtedly affects both adults who watch it and children who have grown up and are re-watching it.
Now, let's go back to kids' cartoons and see what scenes and sequences your childhood self failed to grasp. You may be surprised to find familiar movies that you’ve seen dozens of times, but it’s true! So scroll down and check them out now!

#1 Ralph Breaks the Internet

Source: © Ralph Breaks the Internet / Disney

This scene from an animated children's movie isn't suited for kids. In the scene where Vanellope enters their room, the Disney princesses show their will to defend their turf from the stranger. Cinderella loses her cool and breaks her slipper, just like men do when they fight in bars and shatter bottles.

#2 Hercules

Source: © Hercules / Disney

Hercules shares his thoughts on the play they both saw while on a date with Meg.   “And then that, that play, that, that, that Oedipus thing. Man, I thought I had problems.”  Children might not get Meg's laughter at this joke, but adults who are knowledgeable with Greek mythology will get the humor's ironic subtext.
King Oedipus murdered his father and married his mother without realizing they were his parents. That’s why Hercules says that his problems are simply ridiculous compared to what kind of trials fell upon poor Oedipus.

#3 SpongeBob SquarePants

Source: © SpongeBob SquarePants / Nickelodeon Animation Studio

One of the episodes features Sponge Bob watching a TV Show where an actinia is dancing to sensuous music. Bob's look suggested that the program on the TV was not intended for young viewers. It's no coincidence that the moment Gary enters the room, he immediately changes to the sports channel.
But this wasn't simply a cartoon character's imagination. Actinias and sponges may cohabit, forming a symbiosis. However, it is better to educate children about it in a less provocative way.

#4 Hotel Transylvania

Source: © Hotel Transylvania / Sony Pictures Animation

When Wayne the Werewolf pulls off the invisible man’s swimming trunks, the monster justifies “I was just in the pool. The water is cold. Don’t judge me!”

#5 Toy Story

Source: © Toy Story / Disney / Pixar

Andy's favorite toy, Woody, advises his companions in the opening scene of the film to not worry about Andy's birthday and his new toys. But not every toy exhibits Woody's calm. Mr. Potato Head expresses his opinions regarding Woody's viewpoint in an open manner. Mr. Potato Head pulls his lips and positions them behind himself, calling Slinky a "butt kisser" when he defends Woody.

Source: © Toy Story / Disney / Pixar

The story's opening turned out to be jam-packed with humor intended for adults. Bo Peep praises Woody for saving her sheep at the start of the film. “What do you say I get someone else to watch the sheep tonight?” she asks in an odd use of words. The sheriff responds with a silly chuckle and only the one word, "Oh, yes."

#6 Frozen II

Source: © Frozen II / Disney

There's a hilarious mature joke in this animation. Anna responds in an odd way when Kristoff shows up in front of her dressed up and tells her that he only wore it for an hour. “I prefer you in leather anyway.”, she adds as she kisses and rubs his hair.  As a result of his embarrassing statements, Kristoff grins foolishly.

#7 Zootopia

Source: © Zootopia / Disney

The poor bunny is uncomfortable and uncertain of where to hide her eyes when Judy and Nick visit the nudist club. In actuality, that was the response the cunning fox was hoping to hear.

#8 Tarzan

Source: © Tarzan / Disney

Jane describes to her father what about this strange man struck her as unusual when she draws Tarzan, adding, "And his eyes were intense and focused and...I've never seen such eyes." “Should I leave you and the blackboard alone for a moment?”, Professor Porter jokes as he senses his daughter's emotions.

#9 Shrek 2

Source: © Shrek 2 / DreamWorks Animation

When Prince Charming eventually makes it to the tower housing Fiona's prison, he discovers the Wolf there rather than the princess. The Little Red Riding Hood figure seems to be having fun while reading a fascinating magazine called Pork Illustrated, which is a parody of Sports Illustrated.

#10 Cars

Source: © Cars / Disney / Pixar

Mia and Tia, two girls, drive up to Lightning McQueen during a post-race photo shoot with the winners. They refer to themselves as the racer's biggest admirers before suddenly rising on their wheels and beginning to display their "high beams" for the racer. The intention was to mimic the way some females flash rock stars at concerts by lifting up their T-shirts.

#11 Tiny Toon Adventures

Source: © Tiny Toon Adventures / Warner Bros. Cartoons

In one of the episodes of the cartoon series, Daffy Duck feels bored at the movies so he read a magazine with a peculiar name.
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