People Shared Images Of Their Belongings After The Flight, And They Are Painfully Hilarious

Traveling abroad has never been easier before. Thanks to the invention of the plane, we can fly everywhere in the world to learn new things, have exciting experiences, or start a new life. Flying up in the air, through the clouds, and beneath the sun is an interesting experience that everyone should try at least once. However, you should choose reputable airlines that are always ready to cope with their client's issues. Because air travel can be stressful at times, there might be some incidents that you have to face, from flight delays to losing belongings after the flight or stuff in your luggage being totally destroyed.
Take 18 unlucky customers for example. After the flight, the airlines returned their belongings to them, they came totally sock because they couldn't realize their stuff. Some became ugly with a footprint in them. Some were totally destroyed from the outside to the inside. Scroll down to check them out.

#1. My instrument after a flight

Source: Yakabus

#2. Why??

Source: Pala

#3. Someone flying out of DFW is going to have a rough time in a few hours

Source: mrplinko

#4. Look what happened to my husband’s bag somewhere between Manchester and Colombo!!

Source: karen_nowland

#5. Wish I hadn’t paid to check this bag…kinda curious how they managed to break *both* zippers though

Source: lindster

#6. Having to pay to have my luggage treated like this...

Source: rammerjammer205

#7. Collected my brand new suitcase after a 2-hour flight and came back to me like this

Source: Admirable_Ad_7332

#8. My uncle's suitcase after his flight

Source: an0nym0ose

#9. My experience with airline compensation for damaged baggage

Source: IVMIVM

#10. Laptop run over by an airport baggage cart

Source: Soul_Redeemer7

#11. My checked-in baggage and my things were completely destroyed! Broken devices, broken perfumes, tore cables, lost clothes

Belongings After The FlightSource: YazanShawish

#12. I feel bad for the suitcase owner

Belongings After The FlightSource: emmy_emma

#13. Stealing video games from someone's luggage

Belongings After The FlightSource: michael14375

#14. Viola da gamba of the 17th century did not survive the flight

Belongings After The FlightSource: family ghost

#15. My bag looks like this

Belongings After The FlightSource: GimpyBallGag

#16. Flying and lost your luggage? Maybe it’s in this airport dumpster

Belongings After The FlightSource: ecargeolhc

#17. The aftermath of routine baggage inspection

Belongings After The FlightSource: Klunkster14

#18. That’s my luggage, not on the plane

Belongings After The FlightSource: frogwithawatergun

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