Real Madrid Eden Hazard Failed To Surpass WC Group Stage As A Disappointing Performance

The majority of players view the World Cup as an opportunity to demonstrate what they are capable of and establish themselves as notable figures on the international stage. However, we have a very good idea of the capabilities of one of Real Madrid's stars. This competition, on the other hand, presented him with the opportunity to demonstrate that he was still able to produce it. However, Eden Hazard has not been successful in seizing the chance presented to him.

A Disappointing Performance Of Not Only Eden Hazard, But Also The Whole Team

Eden Hazard, A Disappointing Performance Of Not Only Eden Hazard, But Also The Whole Team Source: Getty Images
Against Canada, Hazard did not have a fantastic game overall, but he did have his moments. The Belgian team was outplayed on the day, and the only reason they were able to come away with the win and all three points was that Alphonso Davies missed a penalty kick for them.
However, they did not have any such success against Morocco, who emerged victorious with a score of 2-0 and consequently left Belgium's chances of winning the World Cup hanging by a thread as a result. Hazard was defeated on that occasion, and as a result, he was unable to provide the goods going ahead.
Obviously, he was not the only player on the Belgium team that appeared to be lagging behind on that particular day. However, being the captain of the national team and taking into account everything he has accomplished for the Red Devils over the course of the years, there were high expectations that he would be able to perform at the level of his abilities in Qatar. This has not been the case up until this point in time.

Real Madrid Is Out Of Time To Conquer This World Cup

Eden Hazard, Real Madrid Is Out Of Time To Conquer This World Cup
Following their victory over Belgium, Morocco is now in an excellent position to go to the next round of competition. In the final game in the group, they will compete against Canada. On the other side, Belgium is currently facing Croatia as their next opponent in the World Cup, and they know that anything other than a win might put an end to their tournament run in the group stage itself.
That is hardly what anyone would have anticipated the Golden Generation of Belgium to accomplish. However, it is the truth of the matter in this circumstance. They spent a decade with what was perhaps the most talented national squad on the planet, yet they were never able to win a title despite their abundance of quality.
At this point, their most productive years are behind them. There are a lot of ways in which Hazard's current position on the national team is similar to where he is in his career right now.
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