Iran Demands That The US Be Kicked Out Of The World Cup 2022

Iran's official demands that the United States be booted out of the 2022 World Cup after the US Soccer Federation altered Iran's flag on its social media channels to demonstrate support for Iranian demonstrators. The federation has temporarily displayed the flag of Iran without the insignia of the Islamic Republic on its social media accounts.
US Soccer said it would change the official flag in 24 hours. With the purpose to show "support for women in Iran who are fighting for basic human rights". But it will always return to the original banner.

#1. Iran's statement

World Cup 2022 IranSource: CNN

A spokesman for Iran's soccer federation has called for the United States to be banned from the World Cup for "disrespecting" the flag of Iran. It has long threatened to be one of the World Cup’s biggest flashpoints. But on Sunday the USA’s match with Iran became even more highly charged after Iran’s football federation demanded their opponents receive a 10-game ban for “offending the dignity” of their country.

#2. The Reaction Of The Iranian Football Federation.

World Cup 2022 IranSource: Tasnimnews

Iran's football association replied by filing a complaint with Fifa's ethics committee. Alleging that the United States had insulted the Islamic Republic of Iran's national flag. The semi-official Tasnim news agency published the claim, which was attributed to an Iranian football association legal counsel.
“Respecting a nation’s flag is an accepted international practice that all other nations must emulate,” Safia Allah Faghanpour, a legal adviser to Iran’s soccer federation. “The activities conducted about the Iranian flag are unethical and against international law.”

#3. The Flag Has Become A Point Of Controversy.

World Cup 2022Source: The Times

The flag has become a notable point of contention at this World Cup. Besides Iran fans who oppose the regime in Tehran waving the lion and sun flag, an emblem of its former ruler, the late Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi instead.
In brief, Iran and the US play each other on Tuesday in a crucial Group B match. It is a must-win tie for the US if it is to progress to the knockout stages. Iran is appearing at this World Cup under the shadow of domestic turmoil. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Chief has said that the country is in a “full-fledged human rights crisis”.

#4. US Soccer’s Decision

World Cup 2022Source: New York Post

US Soccer’s decision came on the same day. Moreover, former US Men’s National Team’s (USMNT) head coach Jurgen Klinsmann said he will try to speak with Iran’s manager, Carlos Queiroz, to “calm things down” after Klinsmann’s comments about Iran’s culture.
The U.S. Soccer spokesman, who requested anonymity to discuss internal discussions, said the American federation had not been contacted by FIFA about the social media posts. But it said it had deleted the two posts after a series of internal discussions on Sunday and would use Iran’s official flag moving forward. Then the US. players and their coach, Gregg Berhalter, were not involved in the decision to use the incorrect flag or to remove it, the spokesman said.
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