Top 40+ Funny And Fuzzy Moments Of Families Retaking Pics Like They Used To

It's almost the end of 2022. Christmas spirit is in the air. We can hear Noel's music in malls, shops, and everywhere we go. Here and there, families are tidying, decorating their homes, and buying gifts. Children are wondering whether they've been naughty or nice. December is at the door, and it's time to think about parents, siblings, aunties, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.
If you are not so far behind the internet's trends, we believe you might have heard about Instagram's recreating childhood albums. Do you remember those family photos you always put inside a wooden box? How about making this Christmas an opportunity to retake them like all these internet users below have done? We guarantee it will be the best souvenirs ever.
Let's let the beautiful childhood moments revive and spin around like thousand sparkling snowflakes! The funny and fuzzy collection, here they come!

#1. Brother And Two Cousins 14 Years Apart.

Source: Freya Catmur-Hill

#2. 20 Years After

Source: Mark Wilson

#3. Blanket Buddies

Source: Brian Jonas

#4. "My Husband's Family Then And Now. ??"

Source: Salve Celeste

#5. "I Almost Don't See The Difference..."

Source: Adrienne Deitz

#6. "My Nephew And I 30 Years Later..."

Source: Ali

#7. Same

Source: Stella Maria Bauer Descharles

#8. 15 Years Apart

Source: Tamra Johnson Ratliff

#9. Easter Birthday Take 2. 11 Years Apart.

Source: Amy Howell

#10. Then And Now

Source: CHris Couch

#11. Slinky Disaster

Source: Kirsty ONeill

#12. "We Were Looking Through Old Pictures On Christmas"

Source: Brittany Harber

#13. "48 Years Later And We Are Still Adorable!!!"

Source: Katherine Hopkins Jone Marsh

#14. 28 Years Later...

Source: Leslie Hayes

#15. 30 Years Later...

Source: Abbo Nath

#16. Still Loved After 15 Years (Aaaawww!!!)

Source: Kendra Maria

#17. Something Tragically Changed. 13 Years After

Source: Tiziana Simiani

#18. Siblings And Cousins Then And Now!

Source: Sofia Manzano Ortega

#19. "Me And My Sister In The 80s Vs Today."

Source: Nicklas Linder

#20. After 2 Decade

Source: Eduardo Mendoza

#21. "20 Years Later We Still Can Fit In The Tub"

Source: Matt Federico

#22. Recreated 30 Years Later :) Same Place - Molas Pass Near Silverton, Co

Source: Heather Burton

#23. 30 Years Later

Source: Mara Leonard

#24. Still A Strong Man After 17 Years

Source: lisa_aquarius

#25. "Recreated Our First Christmas"

Source: Rebecca

#26. Amazing Facepaint

Source: imgur

#27. Smile And Tear At Once


#28. When Your Brother Finally Gives You Your Toy Car That He Popped 23 Years Later


#29. Disney Memories

Families Retaking PicsSource: CourtneyCheek

#30. "My Brother And Me After 14 Years"

Source: imgur

#31. "For My Mum's Birthday, My Brother And I Recreated Our Childhood Photo As Fully Grown Adults"

Families Retaking PicsSource: ThatsGoldJerry_Gold

#32. Christmas Has Changed A Lot In 20 Years

Source: Watson Works Edu

#33. Yup. 19 Years Later And Not Much Has Changed

Source: Emily Mae

#34. So The Only Thing That's Changed In 16 Years Is The Expression On Dad's Face

Families Retaking PicsSource: Sarah Jozwiak

#35. Family Group Shot

Source: Emma Wallström

#36. 15 Years Later (Even With The Photobomber)

Source: Rachel Kinanahan

#37. Iranian Bros, 45 Years Later

Families Retaking PicsSource: Pegah Arasteh

#38. "Me And My Little Brother After 15 Years"

Source: PowdersvilleBeast

#39. "We Did That Thing"

Source: bonebowl

#40. "We're Still The Same"

Families Retaking PicsSource: Ryen Stone

#41. When Your Sister And You Recreate A Picture For Your Parents' Anniversary

Source: Joolie Boolie

#42. Recreation Of The Christmas Photo

Families Retaking PicsSource: S A I N T S H A N E

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