20 Hilarious Drunk Texts That Prove Phones And Alcohol Rarely Mix Well

Phones and alcohol don't go well with each other. Wait, it neither means that you put your phone into your drink and the result tastes bad nor your phone can be technically damaged if you accidentally spill your cocktail on your screen. What we're trying to say here is when you get a little too drunk, it's better to stay away from your phone to prevent such shameful choices that can be made when you lose self-control. Perhaps some of us have been there, a few drinks down, high on life, and started to do crazy things with our phones. Drunk texting is the most frequent accident, apparently. From drunk-texting your mom, your ex (or worse, your boss) to sending the wrong pictures to asking strangers silly questions. All those drunk texts will get you into little to big trouble for sure.
Although it's very embarrassing to find out how you mess up when you're drunk, it's fun to share them with others. We've collected a list of 20 of the most hilarious drunk texts that probably made people regret hitting send. Check them out!

#1. "I was so drunk last night I was texting myself thinking it was someone else who was sending me the same texts back"

Source: whtblack_

#2. "Last night I was so drunk I replied to my own text"

Source: losingseIf

#3. "im to drnuk"

Source: elitereloaded

#4. "A facepalm-worthy drunk text of mine (down horribly)"

Source: kyang8093

#5. "Best friend and a drunk me text"

Source: reddit

#6. "Nobody does drunk texts like I do drunk texts"

Source: carlymoore_

#7. "I checked my texts and I've been drunk texting one of my recent uber drivers"

Source: dubstep4dads

#8. How not to drunk text your friends that like cats...

Source: Swrdmn

#9. "My drunk friend"

Source: nickthebest131

#10. "Just got a drunk message from my dad"

Drunk TextsSource: piratewaffle

#11. Last night i drunk texted Heinz

Drunk TextsSource: jordan_mort

#12. "Why can't I just drunk text like normal people?"

Source: TechnicallyRon

#13. "Going through my messages after a night of drinking"

Drunk TextsSource: reddit

#14. "Apparently I tried to log into my online banking when I was drunk"

Drunk TextsSource: fart

#15. "Remind me never to go on Carousell when I'm drunk and high ever again"

Drunk TextsSource: Jannagracetan

#16. Dealing with problems like

Drunk TextsSource: LifeWithAlcohol

#17. I was trying to drunk text my gf last night but sent it to my boss instead

Drunk TextsSource: j_duoo

#18. Oyster

Drunk TextsSource: velomash

#19. "Most People Drunk Text Their Ex Or Someone They Fancy.... Not Me.... What The Actual Fuck Was Going Through My Drunken Mind"

Drunk TextsSource: annievicvic

#20. "Smooth move drunk me..."

Drunk TextsSource: wookiebread

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