8 Mistakes In Famous Movies That You Never Notice Until Now

Making a movie definitely takes a lot of time, money, cooperation, planning, and attention to detail. However, nothing ensures that there won't be any mistakes after its release. Occasionally, even the most famous movies like "Harry Potter" and"Captain America: Civil War" can't spare a few errors.
It's because the filmmaking process is not "episode after episode", many things need to be focused on, so the movies include at least a few minor continuity errors. Moreover, it has quite a few questionable moments from the plot holes to details that could not have been scientifically possible. However, not every viewer can find out these mistakes as basking in their stories.
With that in mind, we’ve curated 8 mistakes in well-known movies that just a few audiences who have eagle eyes can find out. Scroll down to check t hem out!

#1 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

Source: © The Walt Disney Company

It seems that the movie creators were ahead of the time. In the third part of this pirate story, Captain Barbossa and Elizabeth Swan with their crew arrive in Singapore in search of Captain Sao Feng. The movie is set at the beginning of the 18th century, so how they can go to Singapore when its modern history only really began as early as 1819?

#2 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Source: © Warner Bros. Pictures

In the novel, Harry Potter is often said to have green eyes — just like his mother. In the movie, Harry Potter (played by Daniel Radcliff) has green eyes. But the actress who played the young Lily (Harry Potter's mother) had brown eyes instead of blue or green ones.

#3 Game of Thrones

Source: © HBO

The Unsullied are depicted as dedicated soldiers willing to give their lives for their Queen Daenerys and none of them have any romantic relationships with women. The love of the Grey Worm and Missandei is an exception. However, it turns out that one of them is still married, look at this image.

#4 Troy

Source: © Warner Bros. Pictures

Once again we see how filmmakers transcend time! They had a plane in BC times. Either the filmmakers assumed that the Greeks could require aircraft backup or they believed that the viewers would be charmed by Brad Pitt and won’t notice this small mistake.

#5 Captain America: Civil War

Source: © Marvel Studios

In this famous superhero movie, there is a scene where Spider-Man uses his webs to grab Captain America’s shield. But in the next scene, the trophy in Spider-Man's hand is absolutely clean. How did he manage to clean it so fast?

#6 Braveheart

Source: © Icon Productions

In Braveheart, the clothes of the Scottish warrior William Wallace are based on the traditional national costume — the kilt. The problem is that the kilt appeared at around the beginning of the 18th century but the movie depicts events that took place at the end of the 13th century.

#7 Forrest Gump

Source: © Paramount Pictures

Lieutenant Dan, a friend of Forrest, decided to invest money in some “fruit company.” As it turned out, the fruit was an apple, and the company was the legendary Apple. After that, Gump received a letter from Apple Computer Inc. The date on it said September 23, 1975. But the real foundation date is April 1, 1976.

#8 Django Unchained

Source: © The Weinstein Company

In some episodes, Django's sunglasses are still modern and fashionable today. But the movie is set in 1858, and the first sunglasses were sold in the US in 1929. Well, maybe Django got these from some limited collection.
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