Kim Kardashian Net Worth 2022: Millionaire or Billionaire?

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is one of the most famous and wealthiest celebrities in our generation. According to Forbes, as of November 2022, Kim Kardashian net worth is estimated at around US $1.8 billion. Among other members of the Kardashian-Jenner family, she is the richest. 
How did Kim make her money from scratch? Check out this post to find out her main streams of income. 

#1. Kim Kardashian's Net Worth from TV Reality Shows

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Kim and her family began starring in the reality television series Keeping Up With The Kardashians in 2007. As an executive producer, along with her mum Kris Kenner and other sisters and brothers, Kim and her fam have created 20 successful reality TV series. Therefore, the earnings the Kardashians received from the TV Show also increased year by year. At least each of them can earn $5 million per season. The last episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians ended in early 2021. The family now created another whole new TV reality show called The Kardashians. 

#2. Instagram Earnings

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Kim currently has over 334 million followers on Instagram. That’s why her posts are worthwhile. For each sponsor's post on Instagram, Kim can earn between $300K to $500K. Sometimes, the number can increase up to $1 million depending on special occasions.  However, Kim doesn’t sign contracts with all partners. Each month, she picks some famous brands that she wants to be associated with. Still, Kim can bring at least $1-$2 million each month from her paid Instagram posts. 

#3. KKW Beauty

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The main sources of Kim Kardashian net worth come from her business, and one of them is KKW Beauty. The reality TV star founded her own beauty and fragrance lines in 2017. Within 2 hours of the first launch of KKW Beauty, Kim sold out 300,000 contour kits and made over $14 million. In the following years, Kim expanded the range of her products, including lipsticks, concealers, highlighters, foundations, perfumes, etc. In 2020, Kim sold a 20% stake in her company to the beauty giant Coty for $200 million. Thus, the value of KKW Beauty is estimated at up to $1 billion. Kim is believed to own at least a 70-75 percent stake in her company. 


SKIMS, kim kardashian net worth 2022Source: Vanity Fair

SKIMS, formally named “Kimono” is considered the most successful business of Kim Kardashian. Kim founded her own shapewear brand after years of struggling finding clothes that suited her. Despite the early criticism and changing the brand name, Forbes estimated SKIMS valued up to $3.2 billion as of 2022. 

#5. Mobile Game

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Kim launched her own mobile game app called Kim Kardashian: Hollywood in 2014. As Google describes, the game is about a Hollywood red-carpet adventure where you can create your fashion story, choose your own celebrities, and become a famous star. The app has a 4.5 stars rating on Google Play Store and had been downloaded over 10 million times. In the first year of launching this app, Kim brought at least $45 million home. 

#6. Real Estates and Company shares

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 Besides her own business, the 42-year-old TV star has shares in multiple corporations including Amazon, Netflix, Disney, Adidas, and Apple, etc. They were gifted by her ex-husband Kanye West in 2017. From these stocks, Kim has gained around $600 - $700K per year. Kim also owns several luxurious mansions, including a $70.4 million Malibu beachfront mansion, a $60 million Hidden Hills mansion where Kim and her four children currently live, a Calabasas condo that is worth $3.5 million, and many more. 
Now, do you have your own answer about how Kim built up her billion empires and was a self-made billionaire from the beginning? Such a savvy woman she is, right?
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