Times People Wrote Funny Things When They Were Not Trying To

Social media has a lot of disputed concerns; some people think it's bad for us, while others are sure that it's the only thing keeping the world moving today.
The fact is that both points of view are valid. Even while the development of the internet is among the best things that have ever happened to humanity, certain of its platforms frequently have outright evil repercussions.
You're aware of the cancel culture, artfully staged selfies, and idealistic lifestyles. Even though many of us enjoy scrolling and browsing, it's well known that overusing these activities can make us feel more anxious, depressed, lonely, and FOMO-y. However, it still remains true that having fun while using social media in your free time is possible.

 #1 Coward

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#2 Weer

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#3 Walmar

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#4 Uber Eat

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#5 Robster

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#6 Ploice

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#7 Lick

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#8 Sosig

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#9 -{:)_/-

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#10 Bruh

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#11 Belgium

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#12 Homos

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#13 Remember

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#14 Two


#15 Truky

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#16 Dababy

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#17 Hehe

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Source: shields_wheats

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