These Hilarious Times Where Dogs Seemed To Malfunction Hard

We can never get enough of these wild pups and their unheard-of degrees of derpiness here at Aubtu. And we never have to, due to the section of Reddit titled "What's Wrong With Your Dog." Dog owners can share some of the funniest instances of their pets "malfunctioning" in front of the camera in this online community in a safe environment.
We've made this heartwarming ode to our canine buddies acting inexplicably to demonstrate how readily these adorable beasts can fill your heart with absolute joy.
Let's give a big round of a-paws to our dogs, who are the best friends humans could ever hope to have. Dogs not only are the most lovable and loving creatures ever, but they also make us smile with their silly antics and keep us entertained by just being themselves. They are not the most classy, refined, and cultured canine companions out there, unlike our cat overlords. But let's face it, it all contributes to their appeal.

#1 Such A Good Boy!

Source: teepurr

#2 Defeat

Source: Minnes25,

#3  Magic Pie Bush

Source: ChrisBramwell

#4 What's Wrong With Ur Badass Dog

Source: Prietocratico

#5 Good Doggo Collected All The Balls And A Bonus Stick 12/10


#6 S T I C K

Source: fukdcorp

#7 Same Bro

Source: 1LittleSunflower

#8 This Weirdo's Figured Out That Sitting Here Gets Her The Most Pets From Passers-By

Source: HimeTheHusky

#9 Sorry, Not Sorry


#10 Soot Sprite

Source: Ck930930

#11   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Source: Merari01

#12 Dog Has Her Own Bed. Woke Up To See We Were Sharing A Pillow

Source: FlaxenArt

#13 Found In The Wild, Couldn't Restist Posting


#14 Sus

Source: cenabollywood

#15 Counfy Pillow


#16 Tick Tock Clarice

Source: experiencedDominion

#17 This Happened In My Front Yard This Morning…. I Have So Many Questions

Source: amandalaguera 

#18 Like A Magic Trick




#20 My Dogs Beauty Is Sometimes Hard To Capture On Camera

Source: siraelwindrunner

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