20 Stupid Signs That Completely Failed To Get The Points Across

If you've been checking out our website, you already know how much we love hilarious signage. Check out our publications on "The Absurd Sign Project" or "Weird Signs" if you're new around here (or simply need a gentle reminder).
But this time, let's go a little further and investigate the absurdity up close. For that, we consult the Reddit subreddits "Don't Open Dead Inside" and "No Safety Smoking First."
These two online communities are very similar to one another and are full of signs with poor spelling, incorrect kerning, and other errors that prevent them from making their points. If there is one at all!

#1 Just Do Nothing, It Is Impossible

Source: DivinityOfHeartReport

#2 Is It Now?

Source: teacher400Report

#3 Can We Just Make This The Icon Already?


#4 How The Hell Do You Open This Door?

Source: Some--Idiot

#5 What


#6 Mental Is Hocus. Health Not Pocus

Source: mochalipgloss

#7 Heal Thy Burgers

Source:  Jimbuscus

#8 Come Naked. Try. Our Chalupa

Source: nuyirnum

#9   Combat Loneliness

Source: NullOfficer

#10 They Know All Nasa Your Stupid Is A Hoax Astronots

Source: jtimester

#11 Hvad Alena Pptiny Yes


#12 Get Covid Here, Your Vaccine Ages 12 And Up

Source: DoctorWhy75

#13   Getting Is An Drunk Never Excuse (Mind The Comedy Homicide)

Source: CrazyPl0x

#14 Unfortunately These Are Just Activists Against The Monopolization Of My Campus' Food Distribution Services, Not A Polyamorous Sex Club :(

Source: losrockster

#15 Eliminating Women Empowering Racism

Source: Efarm12

#16 Winners Quitters Never Quit, Never Win

Source: jfbchelse

#17 My Boyfriend Sent Me This Picture And

Source: terranprodigy

#18 My Boyfriend Sent Me This Picture And


#19 Ask About Mud Me My Flaps

Source: Erduck96

#20 Does This Belong Here Or On R/Dontopendeadinside ?

Source: GemStoned23

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