21 Photos That Are The Definition Of "When Luck Is Not On Your Side"

Whether you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or encounter a row of inconveniences throughout the morning, it is never fun to have a bad day. While you can't exactly solve all those problems or hit the restart button on an "off" day, there are still things you can do to interrupt and reroute the cycle. After all, the key is to put yourself in a better headspace so you can more easily cope with all the unlucky things that are piling up. So to help you boost your mood and get back on track, we have made a list of these unlucky souls for you to laugh at when you feel like luck is not on your side.
Even the hardest days contain lessons that will help you be a better person. If you having a bad day, just remember that tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to improve your life. So without any further ado, let's cheer you up by scrolling down and checking this list out; enjoy!

#1. Extra protein.

Luck Is Not On Your SideSource: FBIDN

#2. This is how you know luck is not on your side.

Luck Is Not On Your SideSource: ProfessionSilver2391

#3. "The Courier ruined my degree."

Source: Hammad076

#4. Oh my gawd! I feel a sting in my feet just by seeing this:

Luck Is Not On Your SideSource: 560guy

#5. Even the dogs know how bad an idea this was.

Source: TheEllenShow

#6. "Man, I just wanted to know how much I weigh."

Luck Is Not On Your SideSource: Roro-Squandering

#7. Never falling asleep on silk sheets with a new tattoo:

Luck Is Not On Your SideSource: jonthemaud

#8. The cologne bottle slipped and fall into the glass sink.

Source: ogical_Yak_224

#9. "That last turn before I arrived with the chili"

Luck Is Not On Your SideSource: thecoolamps

#10. Bee stings aren't fun.

Luck Is Not On Your SideSource: Reddit

#11. "Forgot I was heating oil for French fries."

Source: fasada68

#12. "Just saw this in a parking lot. Pretty sure that's not a good thing..."

Source: JephriB

#13. So this happens:

Source: ultameca

#14. "Accidentally stabbed myself with a meat thermometer."

Source: davedude115

#15. Sh*t happens kiddo.

Source: Becky Hoefs

#16. "As a hobbyist myself, this hurts, a lot."

Source: Lunarastro_01

#17. "Love this for me."

Source: Massive_Wash_9528

#18. "I accidentally branded Rachael Ray's name on myself with one of her roasting trays"

Source: doyouhaveeyedrops

#19. The pure horror on that man's face says it all.

Source: Rowdilygild

#20. "In my defense, I have never used a strainer before..."

Source: Cadillac-Blood

#21. "Hey! Human! A little help please?"

Source: underarmSpare208

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