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  1. Is The Rolls-Royce Phantom Gift A Rumor?

Did Saudi Arabia Players Actually Receive Rolls-Royce Phantom After Defeating Messi?

The victory by Saudi Arabia, who are currently rated 51st in the world by FIFA, over Argentina, who were ranked third, brought an end to Argentina's unbeaten streak of 36 games. After an opening goal from Lionel Messi, goals from Saleh Al Shehri and Salem Al Dawsari helped Saudi Arabia pull off one of the biggest upsets in the history of the World Cup.
According to a number of different sources, Bin Salman is said to have offered each member of the team a Rolls-Royce, with pricing for the luxurious Phantom beginning at £363,600.

Is The Rolls-Royce Phantom Gift A Rumor?

Saudi Arabia Players, messi rolls royce
If converted to dollars, that sum would have been equivalent to £9.4 million for Bin Salman, who reputedly has an $8 billion net worth. Despite this, the manager of the national team maintains that the claims are not true.
Renard is quoted as saying, "There is nothing real about this." Both our athletic association and our Ministry of Sport take their roles extremely seriously. It is not the appropriate time to get something right now. It wouldn't be surprising if Saudi Arabia ended up among the knockouts.

What Saudi Arabia Manger, Players Said?

Saudi Arabia Players, messi rolls royce
"We have just played one game, and we still have two extremely important games left," the coach said. And we are keeping our fingers crossed for more. "I'm not sure whether you recall the news conference that took place before the game against Argentina. That is one of the three very important games that we have to play.
"At the end of this group stage, the only thing that will make you look good is if you finish first or second. When compared to the other teams in this group, we still have the least amount of experience.
"At this point, nothing is going to change. There won't be any surprises in this World Cup thanks to the favorites. We are not going to lose our modesty. If we lose our sense of humility, tomorrow's game won't go very well for us.
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