15 Photos Of Celebrity Parent Dealing With Their Child’s Tantrum In Public

funny but true: ‘Make noises’ and ‘stage a sit-down strike’ must be on the to-do list of all kids. Before someone actually has a kid, they might think of all the imaginary rules that they would have their children follow. But those parents soon realize that reality is far from their expectations.

Those disobedient angels never sit still, keeping testing their parents’ limits and forcing the parents to stay alert and focused on them. No matter how good the nanny, the diaper, or the clothing is, kids will make a fuss anywhere anytime they want without worrying about other people’s eyes. Their parents are famous? They don’t even care!

We know it’s too great a temptation for regular folk to see how celebrities would respond to their children’s meltdowns. While some are horrified and don’t know what to do with the toddlers’ tantrums, others take pictures of those funny moments themselves and even post them on social media. The following 14 pictures of famous people dealing with kids’ meltdowns will somehow let all the parents out there know that they’re not alone. Scroll down and check them out!

#1, #2 Kim Kardashian

baby photographers in garner, <a href=Katie Holmes shoes">Source: kimkardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian deserves applause for appearing to keep a double-cousin meltdown under control. She even published this photo on Instagram with the all-too-real statement, "2020 as a photo." Mild panic, yelling, and a side-eye – all of that sounds about right!

baby photographers in garner, katie holmes shoesSource: Pinterest

Another hilarious picture of Kim Kardashian dealing with a toddler meltdown in public also makes us realize that any mother will have to face the crises in the first three years of her child's life. This picture tells us the reason why we don’t often see Kim and Kanye bring their toddlers to the front row of fashion shows!

#3 Jennifer Lopez

baby photographers in garner, katie holmes shoesSource: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Though we see Jennifer Lopez smiling in this funny 2015 red carpet photo, we know she's also gritting her teeth while her son obviously melts down. Poor little Max! This child apparently does not want to be in the spotlight right now!

#4 Gabrielle Union

baby photographers in garner, katie holmes shoesSource: kaaviajames/Instagram

Gabrielle Union understands that in the midst of a toddler meltdown, just let them toss some phones and wear themselves out. Plus, if the toddler throwing a tantrum has a large Instagram following (like little Kaavia, who has 1.9 million followers and counting), simply video it for some new content!

#5 Kate Middleton & Prince William

baby photographers in garner, katie holmes shoesSource: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Some meltdowns are in the need of the participation of all (royal) hands on deck. The 2017 picture of Princess Charlotte having a tantrum while on a royal tour to Germany has made us burst into laughter. Both her mother and father were present to assist her in getting it back together. Poor kid! She was probably just exhausted!

#6 Heidi Klum

baby photographers in garner, katie holmes shoesSource: Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

Two fun yet undeniable facts in 2019: Henry - Heidi Klum's kid - was an adorable pie, and he absolutely refused to have his photo taken at the airport. We can't blame him; getting ready for a flight is sometimes a stressful situation for us though we're not even famous.

#7 President Obama

baby photographers in garner, katie holmes shoesSource: Pete Souza/White House

Okay, essentially, this isn't President Obama's child having a meltdown in the Oval Office. But, as he is a celebrity father, we can't help but share one of the all-time iconic kid breakdown photos. His amusing "can you believe this?" expression is priceless!

#8 Victoria Beckham

Source: Marc Piasecki/WireImage

Victoria Beckham, our favorite Spice Girl member, is having a very special type of kid meltdown in this picture. This is the "toddler is in a confined space and very much does not want to be there" tantrum. During a soccer game, Harper was attempting to flee her mother's lap, and Victoria was striving to keep her fixed in one spot - always a difficult task with small children!

#9 Mariah Carey

Source: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Even when her son Moroccan was turning into a stage-five clinger and about to have a breakdown during Mariah Carey's Hollywood Walk of Fame moment, she still had the show going on. This photo was taken just before the poor Moroccan was pushed away kicking and crying. But Mariah Carey remained in her spot and shined, just as the way she shined on-stage with her voice!

#10 Sarah Michelle Gellar

Source: GONZALO/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

At first sight, this may not appear to be an epic meltdown image. But once you take a deeper look, you’ll see a famous mother, Sarah Michelle Gellar, who has a death grip on her daughter's hand. Besides, we see a baby girl with a very unhappy expression on her face. We've got a mother whose face is saying out loud, "Just keep moving." Yes, a meltdown is underway!

#11 Jennifer Garner

Source: Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Jennifer Garner is always one of the most relatable famous mothers, and this picture reflects a very typical mom moment. We don't think we've ever encountered a mother who hasn't had to take matters into her own hands when it comes to removing a tantrum-prone youngster from a setting. This photo demonstrates Jen's relatability and the strength of her biceps to one-arm this kid!

#12 Katie Holmes

Source: Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

Katie Holmes' expression is that of a lady who is blatantly not having a good time. Hauling her toddler from the car, mid-meltdown and surrounded by photographers, who is barefoot — because, yeah, why not be barefoot on the streets of New York City? A complete nightmare.

#13 Hilary Duff

Source: hilaryduff/Instagram

Not only toddlers but babies can have meltdowns, too! Unlike toddlers, newborns are still effortless to carry and can be calmed with a hug, kisses, or a quick bottle or bottle. But sometimes their little faces are so heartbreaking that moms like Hilary Duff can't help but photograph the meltdown themselves.

#14 Kate Middleton

Source: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Prince Louis was in the spotlight of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee because he was clearly OVER IT and wasn't afraid to show it. Mom Kate Middleton had to manage the depressing situation with elegance, knowing the entire world was watching. But we're sure she was irritated when he placed a palm over her lips when she was attempting to talk to him!

#15 Charlize Theron

Source: Photo by Bruja / Splash News

The last thing a mother expects is a melting-down youngster to decide to go horizontal and strikes the ground. What happens if they go full limp noodles? Game over — and every mom knows that this is the time to go into full mother-strength mode in order to get their child into the car. That's probably what was going on here for Charlize Theron, who has had better days now.
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