18 Times People Got Names Wrong Majorly And Ended Up Humiliating Themselves

Names can be confusing sometimes, for both children and adults and even for people from the same region or country. From forgetting others' names to mispronouncing them to completely misunderstanding them right from the very beginning, there are a lot of ways to make yourself look dumb and ridiculous in front of people. But it seems to be much easier for kids to get away with that little mistake since they are young and inexperienced. However, for adults, it could be an unforgettable and embarrassing moment that will make them die of shame.
We’ve compiled a list of 18 times people got names wrong hilariously, as selected among the most chuckle-worthy ones in the comment section of a burning thread by Brianne M. Kohl. Check them out and have a good laugh!

#1. Who on earth is named "Internet"?

Source: BrianneKohl

#2. Maria and "More Maria", can't argue with those names

Source: lizziellen

#3. Joe Fish? Never heard of this kind of fish before

Source: BabsHorton

#4. Chewbacca sounds more like a cartoon character

Source: RamanathanVidya

#5. Ugly was a mean name to call someone...Oh, wait...

Source: MrsOotstoot

#6. “Your highness”

People Got Names WrongSource: Ladiwoods1

#7. Harold the God

People Got Names WrongSource: betty_stal

#8. Such a sweet name

People Got Names WrongSource: Judeemma

#9. "Bastard is such a cool name that will stay in my head like forever, I guess"

People Got Names WrongSource: mamamauney

#10. Oh hi, Ordinary!

People Got Names WrongSource: LuxExLibris

#11. That's so far the sweetest response!

People Got Names WrongSource: Lp4081

#12. “By my initials”

Source: csckirk

#13. “NOEL. YOUR NURSE’S NAME IS NOEL.” Okay, she must be busy at the moment helping the Santa Claus with warpping gifts for kids

People Got Names WrongSource: martiniys

#14. "You will have to kneel today”

People Got Names WrongSource: alibhawkins

#15. "Sister", you must have a brother called "Brother"

Source: makesmilk

#16. Maddie and Not Maddie, make sense

Source: DeirdreMWaters

#17. "Gentle"

People Got Names WrongSource: die_Frau

#18. Raisin

Source: __cosmia

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