25 Hilariously Accurate Tweets That Sum Up What It's Like To Visit The Dentist

Being a dentist means having an honorable profession. It takes one several years of studying, observing and practicing to become a real dentist. With that said, it's unlikely that there is someone who loves to meet them. Many would agree that seeing the dentist is the worst thing ever and they will avoid it as much as possible. Some wouldn't be able to sleep for a couple of nights before their appointment, some even wait until they can no longer bear the toothache. If you don’t feel the same, perhaps it’s been a while since your last visit to the dentist.
Much as people freak out about going to see their dentist, they still see the funny part of it. Many have shared their hilariously relatable experience with their dentist to make all netizen fall about laughing. Check out 25 of the most accurate tweets that perfectly sum up what it’s like to visit the dentist.

#1. Pluck ’em out!

Source: mom_tho

#2. They’re not buying it.

Source: mommajessiec


Source: XplodingUnicorn


visit the dentistSource: rainnwilson


Source: LukeMones


visit the dentistSource: PaperWash


Source: Clanopath

#8. Well at least he is not a gynecologist...

visit the dentistSource: Clanopath


visit the dentistSource: DrakeGatsby

#10. Doesn’t that feel better?

Source: annadrezen

#11. She must have been relieved to hear this

Source: mommajessiec

#12. This is funny and practical advice. Thanks!

Source: simoncholland

#13. Good-looking dentist means they know how to look after themselves and will do the same to you

visit the dentistSource: pattiemallette

#14. Who isn't guilty when it comes to driving and taking care of their teeth?

visit the dentistSource: AnnaKendrick47

#15. Play hard to get

Source: XplodingUnicorn

#16. Flossing is important

Source: dafloydsta

#17. At least your dentist has a TV

Source: lilireinhart

#18. "So there's NOTHING I can do?!? Teeth are overrated"

Source: LurkAtHomeMom

#19. Hate it a lot

visit the dentistSource: onion_an

#20. Well, does he have to handle yeast issues?

Source: KimmyMonte

#21. This is gold

Source: omically

#22. Eww

Source: sarbeaaaar

#23. Was it at least a good lip balm?

Source: AmazingPhil

#24. Teeth teeth teeth

visit the dentistSource: LeBearGirdle

#25. "I stand by what I said every bit of it"

visit the dentistSource: jonnysun

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