20 People Whose Bangs Completely Get Out Of Their Hands

Does any one of you ever try to cut your bangs yourself? Yes, changing hairstyle is really exciting because a new look will make you feel fresh. Especially, cutting bangs can give you a drastically new look in a short amount of time and with a little amount of money. However, sometimes, you might feel like life always tries to ruin your day. Whether you have a barber cut your bangs or cut them yourself, life doesn't let you get the bangs that you want, but the terrible bangs instead.
These folks in the list below are living proof. They uploaded pictures of their terrible bangs on the Internet to warn others to be careful when having their bangs cut. Are you curious to see what happened with these people's bangs? Scroll down to check out the 20 pictures below. If you are going to get bangs, remember to consider your hair and face, and choose a prestige barber.

#1. I asked to have it edged up so my bangs would be straight. Proceeded to cut all my bangs off and my entire widow's peak

Source: jburna_dnm

#2. Bangs or forehead mustache?

Source: Kassance

#3. Gotta love the bangs

Source: myuun

#4. Dem bangs are on fleek

Source: fartmitten

#5. Tried cutting my daughters bangs and failed

Source: Barajasjayr

#6. “I like her bangs”

Source: mygeorgeiscurious

#7. You ever seen a 5 yr old cut their own hair with safety scissors? Say no more

Source: sqweedoo

#8. It looks like his hairline was receeding so he stole someone's bangs and glued them to his forehead

Source: JustAnotherJRappin

#9. The higher the bangs, the closer to God

Source: booogetoffthestage

#10. Can you migrate some of my bangs down to my eyebrows?

Source: bixnok

#11. I want bangs but I also want my forehead exposed

Source: ConnorGracie

#12. Oh no...

Source: bananaclaws

#13. She bangs, she bangs!

Terrible BangsSource: groovyinutah

#14. What do you even call this cut?

Terrible BangsSource: TheTeetz

#15. Went to sports clips...came home with some bang bangs

Terrible BangsSource: Aerosean

#16. Just a fringe trim, please

Terrible BangsSource: samstar25

#17. Gimme that Simple Jack bang look

Terrible Bangs, simple jack haircutSource: hootenannyshenanigan

#18. Cut Cut, Bang Bang...

Terrible BangsSource: yellayahmar

#19. Bangs down to the earlobes

Terrible BangsSource: 174893971

#20. Give me bangs. "Bangs?" Yeah, just bangs

Terrible BangsSource: _Vetis_

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