20 Nightmare Mothers-In-Law That Make You Want To Remain Single For Your Own Sake

If you are married and have a nice mother-in-law, then good for you because it's everyone's dream. For many unfortunate people, their mothers-in-law are just monsters-in-law. Perhaps you have heard your friends whining for hours about the things they have to deal with their partner's mother. Apparently, those nightmare mothers-in-law lack common sense and can't be reasoned with. Some believe their child's spouse stepped in just to ruin their motherhood. Some are even mean to their grandchildren about little things, such as not letting them go to the kitchen to get some milk. These are just some of the worst stories about the toxic things mothers-in-law could do people shared online.
We’ve scoured the Internet and compiled a list of 20 nightmare mothers-in-law that will scare you from marriage. Check them out!

#1. "Mother-in-law just served me this piece of cake..."

Source: SaltyDogBiscuit

#2. "My MIL to my spouse."

Nightmare Mothers-In-LawSource: SyracuseBiscuits

#3. "My mother-in-law eats one bite of a new banana every morning and leaves the rest on the counter 'in case anyone wants one'"

Source: Username_Used

#4. "My MIL ladies and gentlemen. 2 of her grandkids are gay, including my stepdaughter."

Nightmare Mothers-In-LawSource: 1LittleMonkeys

#5. "A text from my mother-in-law, who saw that her FB looked different after an update and called the police..."

Nightmare Mothers-In-LawSource: SummerTime1987

#6. "My mother-in-law always adjusts all our hanging pictures when she visits. Always makes them crooked."

Nightmare Mothers-In-LawSource: Wonderful_Minute31

#7. "How my mother-in-law takes butter from the tray..."

Nightmare Mothers-In-LawSource: SundaySchoolBilly

#8. "My Mother-in-Law gave us all COVID. Tested positive and never told us."

Nightmare Mothers-In-LawSource: Stricky92

#9. "Mother in law won't get the flu vaccine so she can meet our newborn son. Insists she is an expert on vaccines"

Source: rscarson

#10. Mother in law will only eat the muffin tops

Nightmare Mothers-In-LawSource: psykotic24

#11. "MIL snatched a roll before I was able to finish. Hours before dinner."

Nightmare Mothers-In-LawSource: sunshine_67

#12. "Let my MIL drive my car to the aquarium."

Nightmare Mothers-In-LawSource: SmileDammit

#13. "My mother-in-law’s reaction to us(me, girlfriend, and daughter) moving to Vegas. And when she says “my daughter” she really means mine."

Nightmare Mothers-In-LawSource: iam_rvxiii

#14. "MIL against letting us get milk for her grandchild. We live with her and she set schedules for us to use the kitchen."

Source: TotallySpiffing

#15. "My MIL everyone. This is why we can’t have nice things."

Source: singlesummerrip

#16. "My MIL is such a kind person"

Source: izzayyy97

#17. "My MIL cut my son's hair without asking..."

Source: Whspers12

#18. "Where my MIL left my toddler’s uneaten banana"

Source: FootsieMcDingus

#19. "My MIL just cooked this and now expects us to eat it"

Source: IndependentSupaWoman

#20. "My drunk MIL ate all of the skin and a leg off of the fried turkey before it was served."

Source: chechesmith79

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