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England Fans Express Their Bitter Disappointment After Dismal Draw With USMNT At World Cup

Four days after celebrating a brilliant win over Iran, England fans booed their team following a 0-0 draw against USMNT.

  • He struggled in attacking
  • The performance is completely opposite to the WC opener
  • Lack of creativity, ideas, and urgency


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Three Lions fans were unhappy with England’s performance against the US, leading to supporters in Qatar booing the team as the referee ran out of time in a 0-0 draw. USMNT and England officially dueled to a scoreless tie, each earning 1 point
However, the discontent did not stop at Al Khor, fans back home also felt dismayed.


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England’s second game at the World Cup is clearly compared to their 0-0 draw against Scotland at the European Championships last summer. They lost against a so-called inferior opponent with some of the coach’s decisions being called into question


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Despite the humdrum performance, the score wasn’t bad for England as it got them close to qualifying for the knockout stages. A win over Wales in their final game on November 29 would give them the lead.