11 Lies and Tricks TV Producers Used to Fool The Viewers

With the help of CGI, we can see how magic happens in movies. On the other hand, TV does exactly the same thing to fool people who watch it at home. Still, there's no CGI or any advanced technology, TV producers used to get some simple tricks to make viewers believe in what they see in the show.

It's no need to say that these low-tech tricks result in great effects for TV Shows because they still made a hit with a great number of loyal fans. However, people might not know the facts behind these successful programs.

Today, we've compiled a list of 11 lies and tricks that TV producers used to make a fool out of us. Below are the most unbelievable ones to share, scroll down and check them out!

#1 All that cash won at Cash Cab isn’t real! At least what’s awarded on TV.

TVSource: Bravo TV

After winning, each contestant has to finish stacks of paperwork to get their prize in the mail (via check).

#2 Being on Fixer Upper means a free renovation on your dilapidated home! Sweet!

TVSource: Streampicker

When it comes to all the furniture, the contestants don't consider keeping it. Booo! If they love it, they must spend their money on it from Joanna Gaines' store Magnolia Market.

#3 Any Masked Singer fans here? Not everyone knows the singer when they film it!

TVSource: maskedsingerfox

Producers record "surprise" staged reactions of the viewers and they must wait until it airs to figure out who it is.

#4 We’ve all been catfished by Catfish!

TVSource: mtvcatfish

“The producers already know everything and that’s why the catfishes are already wearing mics.

Supposedly though, they don’t tell Nev and his investigations are all real, as he doesn’t know any details.”

#5 Love it or List it couples know what they want but really we don’t!

TVSource: _loveitorlistit

Producers record both reactions and decide which one will get aired.

"What do you think lies behind door number one?! From @hilary_farr and @davidvisentin1’s faces, it can’t be good!!!"

#6 Josh Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” is a farce!

In this video Josh is not driving the car! It’s hitched up to a trailer. But… he does actually drive, (see below).

UPDATE: One of the TV show’s producers chimed in after this video went viral on social media. So it turns out that he DOES drive (sometimes).

And James had fun with all the attention he was getting and shared this:

Source: @latelateshow

"Guys, we don't even use a real car", he tweeted.

#7 On the HGTV show, House Hunters, the buyers have already bought the house before filming takes place.

TVSource: Buzzfeed, House Hunters

#8 Sorry to break it to ya, but Central Perk from Friends is not real.

TVSource: Bustle, NBC

And all these scenes were shot on a soundstage!

#9 If you were a Glee fan hoping to go to NYADA, think again!

Source: Buzzfeed, Fox

The college Rachel and Kurt attended is a fake.

#10 Kristen Bell is a vegetarian in real life!

Source: Buzzfeed, NBC

While filming a scene on The Good Place the production team ordered “rubber nuggets” that really look like shrimp!

#11 On Friends, Joey helps out Monica with a little urine to alleviate a jellyfish sting.
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