11 Facts About Hollywood’s Sweetheart Julia Roberts That Will Leave You Bewildered

There’s no denying that Julia Roberts is a Hollywood legend who has remained an A-list performer for more than three decades. From her breakout performance in "Pretty Woman" to her Oscar-winning turn in "Erin Brockovich", her talent is undoubtedly unmatched. From rom-com to serious drama, Julia Roberts has done it all!
Besides to her acting skills, this America’s Sweetheart is also famous for her elegance on the red carpet. And despite the passage of time, Julia Roberts doesn't seem to have changed, making many people fascinated with her. Therefore, it's reasonable when she was honored by People as the most beautiful woman in the world with a record of 5 times. It is no exaggeration to say that Julia Roberts is one of the greatest celebrities of her generation for her many critically acclaimed roles and the numerous awards she has received.
However, Hollywood royalty has a dark side too. From her tumultuous personal life to her tragic family history, this is the true story of Julia Roberts.

#1 Her real surname isn't Roberts

Julia Roberts Source: © juliaroberts / Instagram

It was recently revealed that Julia Roberts does not have the biological surname "Roberts". This information was discovered as a result of a TV Show that conducted research into Roberts’ family history. They discovered that Willis R. Roberts, the husband of her great-great-grandmother, had passed away more than ten years before her great-grandfather, John, was born. Additionally, a DNA test of Roberts and her cousin revealed that they were both related to an ancestor named Henry McDonald Mitchell Jr. That means that the actress is biologically a Mitchell rather than a Roberts and Julia Mitchell would have been her true name.

#2 She was treated harshly by her stepfather during her childhood

Julia Roberts Source: © juliaroberts / Instagram

Although Julia Roberts' parents were both passionate performers, their marriage broke down when she was just 4 years old. Her mother's new husband proved to be an unpleasant figure in Roberts' life. He was harsh with her and her brothers, but before Roberts finished high school, her mother finally got divorced.

#3 When Roberts was just 10 years old, she lost her biological father

Julia Roberts Source: © juliaroberts / Instagram

 When she was just 10 years old, Roberts'biological father passed away due to throat cancer. She had to go through many terrible things at an early age.

#4 Julia Roberts started her career as a model

Julia Roberts Source: © juliaroberts / Instagram

Roberts was able to follow her interests despite the hardships she endured as a kid. As a teenager, she was a member of her school's band and aspired to become a veterinarian. She graduated from high school in 1985, but her ambitions changed after that. As soon as she arrived in New York City, she joined a modeling agency and enrolled in acting school.

#5 Her breakout role was in "Mystic Pizza"

Julia Roberts Source: © Mystic Pizza / The Samuel Goldwyn Company and co-producers

Many people consider Roberts’ most iconic role to be in the romantic comedy "Pretty Woman", which contributed to making Roberts a household name. However, her breakthrough role was actually in the teen movie "Mystic Pizza" (1988).

#6 She had a hard time behind the scenes of "Steel Magnolias"

Julia Roberts Source: © Steel Magnolias / TriStar Productions and co-producer

"Steel Magnolias" is a famous drama flick about southern women from different backgrounds. However, the behind-the-scenes experience of the cast has not been positive. Actress Shirley MacLaine (played by Louisa "Ouiser" Boudreaux) has shared that the director of the film was particularly harsh toward Roberts (played by Shelby Eatenton-Latcherie) and criticized her acting and even suggested she cut off the mole she had under her eye.

#7 She had a romance with Liam Neeson

Source: Invision/Invision/East News

In the past, Liam Neeson and Julia Roberts had a romantic relationship. However, because of their significant age difference—Roberts was 19 and Neeson was 35—their connection sparked debate. Nevertheless, despite this, they moved in together, but their romance lasted only a year before ending.

#8 She had an affair with her married co-star Kiefer Sutherland

Source: © MediaPunch Inc / Alamy Stock Photo

After her relationship with Liam Neeson, Roberts moved on to co-star Dylan Mcdermott while filming "Steel Magnolias". However, she soon started dating Kiefer Sutherland, another co-star. Sutherland was already married and the father of a small child when he started dating Roberts, so the relationship was difficult. Unfortunately, Sutherland ended up having an affair with another woman who leaked the information to the media and spoke poorly of Roberts. Surprisingly, Roberts and Sutherland got engaged thereafter despite all the commotion.

#9 She actually was a real “runaway bride.”

Julia Roberts Source: © Runaway Bride / Paramount Pictures and co-producers

In real life, Roberts’ story mirrored that of the character she played in "Runaway Bride". She arranged a big wedding just a month after the engagement. However, Roberts decided against being married and departed for Ireland with her pal Jason Patric, who was best friends with her then-fiance, Kiefer Sutherland, three days prior to the ceremony.

#10 She had a lifelong feud with director Steven Spielberg

Julia Roberts Source: © juliaroberts / Instagram

While working on the film "Hook", the actress and the director Steven Spielberg got into a heated argument, and they never again collaborated. Spielberg claimed that Roberts was difficult to work with, refusing to leave her trailer for hours and proving to be hard on the crew. But according to Roberts, working with Spielberg was a nightmare, and the 2 haven’t resolved their dispute until today.

#11 She sided with her brother’s ex-wife in a custody battle for her niece

Julia Roberts Source: © juliaroberts / Instagram

Typically, family members often stand by one another, but Julia Roberts was quite clear about her moral position in a particular situation involving her brother. Roberts paid for her brother’s ex-wife’s legal representation when her brother and his wife separated and went through a custody battle for their daughter. This implies that her brother's behavior was especially egregious.
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