11 Epic Movie Costume Fails That'll Make You Facepalm (Historically, That’s Wrong!)

Ah, movies! They take us on adventures to far-off lands and enthrall us with captivating stories. But what happens when those adventures and stories are completely ruined by terrible costume choices? That's right, they messed up the characters, the movie settings, and the aesthetic overall! Unfortunately, movie costume fails happen way too often and can be a total buzzkill for the whole viewing experience. From ridiculous historical inaccuracies to just lazy designs, these fails are impossible to ignore and even harder to forget.
So, in this article, we're gonna dish on 11 epic movie costume mistakes that'll leave you shaking your head like a bobblehead. Some of these are so atrocious that you'll wonder how they even made it out of the dressing room. Get ready to cringe, chuckle, and maybe even shed a tear for the poor actors who had to wear these hilarious fails.
Trust us, you won't wanna miss these epic blunders - they're truly head-scratching in the best (and worst) way possible!

#1 American Hustle

Source: © Dirty Dancing / IMDb

In "American Hustle", Stoddard Thorsen rocks a swanky Rolex that screams "money". The only issue? The watch didn't even exist in the late 70s, when the movie is set! Maybe he borrowed it from Doc Brown's time-traveling DeLorean?

#2 The Wedding Singer

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Drew Barrymore's character Julia is stuck in a hairy situation. Her 'do is straight outta the 90s, not the 80s! Too bad! Did her hair time-travel too?

#3 Pride and Prejudice

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In this Jane Austen classic, Keira Knightley plays the protagonist Lizzie. But wait, what's that on Keira's feet? Rain boots? In the early 1800s? Sorry, sweetie, but they weren't in fashion for women back then. Maybe she thought she was in Seattle instead of England?

#4 My Girl

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The 11-year-old Vada Sultenfuss proudly wears a mood ring in the coming-of-age drama "My Girl" (how classic!). However, when her best friend Thomas J. Sennett points out that the ring is always black and therefore not functioning properly, Vada playfully blames him for her perpetual bad mood. The only issue? The movie is set in 1972, but mood rings weren't created until three years later! Looks like Vada needs to brush up on her history.

#5 Catch Me If You Can

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The movie is supposed to be set in the 1970s, however, Brenda Strong, who is played by Amy Adams, wears braces. While we love a good set of pearly whites, these braces weren't around at that time. Maybe she got them from a time-traveling orthodontist?

#6 Django Unchained

Source: IMDb

Jamie Foxx's character in Django Unchained, Django, sports some sweet shades - but they were only invented in the 19th century. Did he borrow them from a futuristic time traveler? Embarrassing!

#7 Braveheart


Braveheart is a movie set in the 13th century, but there's a glaring issue with William Wallace's wardrobe. The Scotsman should be wearing traditional Highland dress, but instead, he's sporting a kilt that wasn't even invented until the 16th century. Ouch!

#8 Dirty Dancing

Source: © Dirty Dancing / IMDb

Baby may have had the time of her life, but her fashion sense was stuck in a time warp. In "Dirty Dancing", she struts around in trendy jean shorts that didn't even exist in the 1960s. Oops, did someone forget to do their research?

#9 Unforgiven

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It seems the costume designer of "Unforgiven" wasn't very forgiving when it came to historical accuracy. Little Bill Dagget's pants with loopholes may have looked stylish, but they didn't exist in 1880. At least the movie was great, so we'll let this one slide.

#10 Gladiator

Source: Pictures

When Russell Crowe falls in "Gladiator", we get a glimpse of his Lycra shorts. While we're not complaining about the sight, we're pretty sure ancient Romans didn't wear Lycra. It's a shame they missed out on such a comfortable fabric.

#11 The Ten Commandments

Source: MovieStillsDB

Anne Baxter's Nefretiri may have been a stunning beauty, but her wardrobe department needed a little help. Her sheer dress may have been a hit with male viewers, but female viewers were left wondering why she didn't invest in a better bra. And the dress color? Let's just say it was a bit too bold for the time period. Maybe they should have stuck with a classic beige or brown.
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