15 Ways The Royal Kids Quietly Honored Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II, who peacefully passed away on September 8, 2022, is the longest-reigning monarch in British history, having reigned for 70 years. This great woman is forever appreciated for her devotion to a life of service and a sense of duty. She will be present in the hearts of millions of people with the deepest love, admiration, and respect for decades after.
Queen Elizabeth II is not only a cultured, graceful queen, but she is also a beloved great-grandmother of the royal children. The kids were taught at a very young age that they have to express their heartfelt gratitude for their great-grandmother’s steadfast and selfless service to her people and what she did for the world.
Thus, we’ve always found those children honor Queen Elizabeth II quietly through small yet respectful actions. The following 15 examples show how the great woman is loved and supported by her little angels, either as a powerful figurehead for the monarchy or as a great-grandmother. Scroll down and check them out.

#1 Archie Called the Queen on Her Birthday

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Archie is Meghan and Harry's one-year-old son. He hasn't had many opportunities to celebrate his great-grandmother, yet recently join Meghan and Harry on a video call to the Queen in honor of her 94th birthday. Archie got his father's red hair, according to the monarch.

#2 Matching Again in Green

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This is not the first time Princess Charlotte dressed like her great-grandmother. Charlotte's green coat during the 2019 Christmas celebrations is nearly identical to one worn by the queen many months previously to a horse racing meet in April 2019. Kate Middleton is known for dressing Charlotte to match herself, but perhaps on Christmas, Kate wanted Charlotte to resemble Queen Elizabeth.

#3 Charlotte Is the Queen’s Mini-Me in Looks, as Well

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Although they seem even more identical when they wear matching clothing, Charlotte is always paying homage to the queen just because she looks so much like her. Photos of a young Queen Elizabeth may well be of Princess Charlotte. Those royal genes are hands down strong.

#4 A Curtsy From Charlotte

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Kate Middleton curtsied to the monarch as the Christmas church service ended and the queen left. Charlotte imitated her mom by making a charming little curtsy to the queen's departing car. It was one of the first ones that the public saw from Charlotte, and it was adorable.

#5 George Made Sure the Queen Was Invited to His Birthday

Source: princeandprincessofwales/Instagram

When Prince George turned six in 2019, he reportedly requested a quiet party with only his close family members. That, of course, includes the queen, who has a unique affinity with George. When George pays her a visit, Queen E is said to constantly lay gifts on his bed.

#6 Louis’ Christening Date Was Meaningful to Queen Elizabeth


On July 9, 2018, Prince Louis was baptized in the presence of his family. The queen did not make her appearance at this time, but her presence was felt through a special nod to her. July 9 is also the date on which Queen Elizabeth II announced her engagement to Prince Philip in 1947. So, on that day, there are now two particular royal milestones to commemorate.

#7 Celebrating the Queen’s 90th Birthday


A unique family portrait was required for a milestone birthday. This photograph includes all of Queen Elizabeth's young grandkids and great-grandchildren with her. Princess Charlotte was even allowed to sit on the queen's lap! Charlotte's delicate pink jumper complements the queen perfectly.

#8 And Prince George Appearing in an Extra Special Photo Shoot

Source: theroyalfamily/Instagram

The future kings all posed for a special portrait, which was eventually used on an official stamp to mark the queen's 90th birthday. We loved Prince George in one photo, standing on a stack of objects to be tall enough — and we love how Charlotte harmonized with the queen in the other. (Prince George dressed in blue to match his great-grandmother.)

#9 Handmade Gifts for Gan-Gan

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Prince William stated a year later, for the queen's 91st birthday, that his small children generally make their great-gifts grandmothers by hand. "It's quite hard to know what to give the Queen for her 91st birthday," William admitted. "Now [with] the great-grandchildren around, you see, they can make stuff and that goes down really well. It doesn't matter what it looks like." He went on to say that George, in particular, was gifted in such arts and crafts.

#10 Attending Trooping the Colour

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Trooping the Color parade is the annual celebration that commemorates Queen Elizabeth II's birthday. The occasion is attended by all of the important royals, including the royal children. Since 2015, Prince George has been attending, and as soon as his siblings were old enough, they too attended. To honor his great-grandma, Archie was set to participate in his first Trooping in 2020, however, the ceremony was postponed.

#11 Sweet Nickname for Queen Elizabeth

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Another way the royal children show their love for the queen is with a cute nickname. According to reports, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, as well as Prince Louis and Archie, refer to the queen as "Gan-Gan." It's a long-standing tradition for the family's great-grandmother to be referred to as such, with William and Harry also referring to the Queen Mother as Gan-Gan when they were younger.

#12 George’s Name Comes From the Queen’s Family

Source: princeandprincessofwales/Instagram

The Duchess and Duke of Cambridge's first child was a boy, so he couldn't exactly be named after the queen — but he was named after Queen Elizabeth's loving father, George VI. When he died in 1952, Princess Elizabeth became the new ruling monarch. When tiny Prince George becomes king, he will carry on the royal name of the queen's father.

#13 And Charlotte’s Middle Name Honors the Queen Herself

Source: princeandprincessofwales/Instagram

When Will and Kate had a girl as their second child, it gave them the opportunity to commemorate all the significant women in their lives. Charlotte is the middle name of Kate's sister, Pippa. Charlotte's middle names, Elizabeth and Diana, honor the queen and William's mother, Princess Diana, respectively. They managed to fit everything in with just one child.

#14 Princess Charlotte’s Birthday Portraits Had a Nod to the Queen

Source: princeandprincessofwales/Instagram

To mark Princess Charlotte's fifth birthday, the Cambridges published some new images of her. Charlotte's clothing has a houndstooth design, which royal enthusiasts immediately noticed. This is also one of the queen's favorite patterns to wear. We'd like to assume Charlotte's outfit was a subtle tribute to the current king.

#15 Christmas with The Queen

Source: princeandprincessofwales/Instagram

While Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Archie did not attend Queen Elizabeth's annual Christmas luncheon in 2019, William and Kate's three children did. Charlotte and George also went to Christmas mass with their great-grandmother for the first time.
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