10 Hilarious & Funny Couple Poses For Pre Wedding Photography

Usually, couples will often take wedding photos in a romantic, luxurious style with the idea of ​​​​a sweet love story. As for the idea of ​​​​humorous wedding photography, the future bride and groom will have to think hard to come up with unique and funny couple poses to create a sense of joy and excitement for viewers.
With this style of wedding photography, couples will be able to freely create the poses they want, without being constrained and forced by the usual traditional poses. This contributes to psychological comfort, increases the excitement of the couple, and makes the photos more realistic, natural, and soulful. Besides, this style of photography also gives viewers a feeling of relaxation, and excitement; and will want to explore the entire wedding photo album from A - Z. This style is very simple because sometimes, the couple just naturally reenacts playful moments together. If you are wondering and don't know how to have funny poses when taking pre-wedding couple photos, then come to these 10 hilarious and funny couple poses in this article!
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#1 Supergirl

Funny Couple Poses 1


#2 The servant and the princess

Funny Couple Poses 2

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#3 Naughty hand

Funny Couple Poses 3

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#4 HELP!

Funny Couple Poses 4

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#5 Funky faces

Funny Couple Poses 5

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#6 Sexy curves

Funny Couple Poses 6

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#7 'Lightning attacked'

Funny Couple Poses 7

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#8 Before & after marriage

Funny Couple Poses 8

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#9 Laugh at other's face

Funny Couple Poses 9

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#10 Just married

Funny Couple Poses 10

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