20 Clueless Posts Americans Shared On The Internet And Embarrassed Themselves Ridiculously

You've probably heard the adage that sometimes keeping quiet is the best course of action. Particularly when posting thoughts online because, once you press "enter," they remain there indefinitely. Everyone has undoubtedly posted something they afterwards regretted at least once. However, committing a mistake is less important than being proud of it. Some of the remarks posted online are so absurd and at odds with reality that it's shocking. What's surprising is that those who made these remarks have no idea about their illogical arguments.
The "S*** Americans Say" Reddit community shares and exposes the most embarrassing remarks made by uninformed Americans.
The community's 353k+ members share the most embarrassing and stupid posts they come across while using social media. It should come as no surprise that many of them have to do with Europe and British vs. American English.
See our list of the "cringe-worthy" posts below, and get ready to embarrass yourself in front of others with these stupid comments.

#1 Do Europeans Have A Spice Rack?

Source: Ajdoom

#2 “If You Are White You Cant Speak Spanish”


#3 American English vs. British English *uses Australian Flag*

Source: NotThe–FBI

#4 Yes, English Comes From America

Source: Dragonfly_Tall

#5 English Please, Reddit Is An American Website (German Subreddit Btw)

Source: MaxxPlay99

#6 The Lack Of Freedom, Firearms And Muslim Immigrants

Source: GandalfTheGimp

#7 Getting A Tattoo Of Your Results

Source: SideshowLuc

#8 Medicine


#9 But People In Denmark Don’t Get To Experience The Privilege Of Living In The Oldest And Greatest Country In The World (USA)

Source: woodhead2011 

#10 This Is America

Source:  stoatic

#11 Norwegian Flag Taken Down

Source: Rcorral2108

#12 “Love When They Try To Take Credit For A System We Developed”

Source: Borgenschatz

#13 “Your Little European Sport Where You Kick A Ball With Your Foot Is Called ‘Soccer’”

Source: stellar6388

#14 Pot vs. Kettle

Source: Alexander0232

#15 Will Europeans Be Suprised About My Mixed Heritage?

Source: moistbagofdicks

#16 “The USA Is The Only Country In The World With True Freedom” “What Do You Mean? We Are Also Free In France” “Really? “

Source: Maximum_Equivalent_9

#17 Europe Sucks

Source: betterthewiser

#18 “The Eiffel Tower Was Built In Vegas. The French Later Copied And Replicate The Original Eiffel Tower In Vegas”

Source:  Angelix

#20 “Should American Schools Teach Arabic Numerals As Part Of Their Curriculum?” 57% Said ‘No’

Source: GPFlag_Guy1

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