20 Posts Online That Are Instances Of "If It Hurts To Look At, Post It"

The world can be satisfying on occasion, like in this post. Don't you just adore it when you see everything running so smoothly and perfectly? Don't you just want that most of the time, the world would be like that—imperfect, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing—with no flaws?
Sadly, there are also horrific scenes in the real world. Introducing the Make Me Suffer subreddit, the home of everything unappealing to look at. Today, we'll explore the opposite of the satisfying world by taking a closer look at some unsettling visuals. Try not to cringe as you browse the 30 examples in the section below.

#1 For All My Car Guys Out There

Source: MistyGrapeFox87


Source:  DanielJREV

#3 Who Does This

Source: tektekboi

#4 Human Eyes Threepio

Source: mrbiffo

#5 That’s How It Works?

Source: RememberYanka

#6 Have A Guess How Much Pain I’m In

Source: thereallilcya

#7 Oh Hell No

Source: chillidog1643

#8 Ancient Egyptian Dental Work

Source: MrMcNugget420

#9 Barefoot Is Still Illegal In Most Stores So Here’s A Life Hack

Source: Addtheflame

#10 Perks Of Living In Desert Areas

Source: tastlesswater

#11 One Of The Kindergartners Drew Their Mommy

Source: EatGarb

#12 Brushing Your Teeth And You Realise There Were More Bristles Today

Source: 4juice

#13 Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis “Treeman Syndrome”

Source: LuminescentDust

#14 Imagine All The Poop Particles On The Food They Serve

Source: soofan1

#15 You Guys Ever Get A Mustache Hair Stuck In Your Can, Pull It Out, Then Cry Like The Manly Man You Are?

Source:  rfag321

#16 Apparently, I’m Allergic To Everything

Source:  thezoltan88

#17 Don’t Like Spiders? How About A Zombified Spider Reanimated By A Fungal Infestation?

Source:  AeliosZero

#18 Don’t Like Spiders? How About A Zombified Spider Reanimated By A Fungal Infestation?

Source: AeliosZero

#19 An X-Ray Of A Man’s Arm That Was Crushed By A Meat Grinder

Source: Weird_person_1114

#20 First Micky And Minnie Costumes Circa 1939

Source: bowlerboy2

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