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30 Hilariously Genius Acts Of Vandalism That’ll Make Your Chortle

You can easily spot vandalism everywhere, on the street, in public areas, or at your workplace. Vandalism can be considered a kind of crime and a lot of people have a negative view of them. However, it can be so amusing and witty at times that it can make anyone seeing it burst out laughing. If you are feeling down and want to have a good laugh, visit the r/MildlyVandalised subreddit for the most genius acts of vandalism.

As its name suggests, the group was created for people around the world to share pictures of mild vandalism that are either funny, witty or mindful. They are also extremely kind and creative anarchy. We have gathered 30 genius acts of vandalism with a healthy dash of humor for you to enjoy. Scroll down to check them out and laugh out loud with us. Don’t forget to vote for your favs and share this list with your friends and family too.

#1. Tough choice!

Source: TondalayaSwartzkopf

#2. A tribute to Bruce Wills found in my office area

Source: AmuseDave

#3. Classy

Source: envysquirrel

#4. Dog waste bin in Britain this morning

Source: Make_the_music_stop

#5. I agree with them

Source: Gyr0Zepp3li

#6. I found this gem somewhere in Hartford, CN last week

Source: Buuuuuus

#7. Fun!

Source: nopem23

#8. No

Source: Crokobos

#9. Some of the old tiles in the underpass fell off

Source: piratesushi

#10. This is a great idea

Source: crabnox

#11. No signs were posted

Source: No-Suggestion-9482

#12. The city says it will take at least 7 years to construct a bike lane so we drew one in chalk connecting a big trail with some neighborhoods to show how easy it could be. Paint coming soon

Source: hikerjukebox

#13. Awesome find in Durham

Source: TestSubject-81

#14. My sponge🧽 is shy…

Source: Reandr12

#15. A realtor you can depend on

Source: polojet

#16. Believe!!!!

Source: FriendshipElegant401

#17. It’s got my vote

Source: BenCL648

#18. Classic

Genius Acts Of VandalismSource: Amourofzedoute

#19. Well… He’s not wrong

Genius Acts Of VandalismSource: Lescroissants

#20. Thwaites

Genius Acts Of VandalismSource: comics0026

#21. Somebody get this guy a doctor

Genius Acts Of VandalismSource: Mother_Potential_389

#22. This was a nice change at the pump

Genius Acts Of VandalismSource: Max_1995

#23. Glasgow city center

Genius Acts Of VandalismSource: Physical_Parsnip_535

#24. Watermark_irl

Genius Acts Of VandalismSource: Wiildman8

#25. Jedi Wisdom

Genius Acts Of VandalismSource: mikieballz

#26. Cause I’m having a good time, having a good time

Genius Acts Of VandalismSource: AKcenty

#27. Quite appropriate

Genius Acts Of VandalismSource: Cacpis

#28. Sh*t from my camera roll

Genius Acts Of VandalismSource: NiightRadiance

#29. Spotted in Paris

Genius Acts Of VandalismSource: Bomboo2810

#30. CAUTION: falling sheep

Genius Acts Of VandalismSource: Paula_S_15

If you are thirsty for some more harmless but amusing mild vandalism, check out our previous post here.

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