20+ Funny Parent-Hacks That Dads Cleverly Nailed It

Dads spending time with kids at home or in public without moms don't look estranged anymore. On the other hand, many dads are up their parenting level with smart hacks. At the mall or the playground, dads figure out how to turn the toddlers' curveballs into chilling moments. Of course, being a dad, looking after, and educating little children are never pieces of cake.
Dads with hearts full of love, care, and humor are the best. They do get exhausted, grumpy, and even mad with mischievous sons and daughters. However, they find some clever and funny tips that no moms have to lower their expectations.
Even when the kids grow up, dads still prove that they are cooler. Let's look at the photos capturing moments when dads show their expertise at babysitting!

#1. This man came up with an ingenious way to occupy his son, keep him in one place and protect the furniture.


#2. Now, he's enjoying his life.

Source: dadhacks

#3. When the stroller is broken...

Source: megwhitney11

#4. Siblings squabble's solution

Source: unknown

#5. DIY rollercoaster

Source: Zena Levine Gay

#6. Dad challenges his kids to draw him sleeping so he can have a nap

Source: u/mattecamp

#7. No matter how old you are, don't flex on dad!

Source: @GabTheGem

#8. "Told my dad I ripped my pants, this was his solution"

Source: @alanzchoy

#9. Dads know to let kids learn some things through trial and error.

Source: thechive

#10. No touching until you are all mature enough

Source: tacticalbabygear

#11. Moms can do it. So can dads.

Source: printbizwiz

#12. Can't pull a stroller and shopping cart at the same time? Use the stroller as a cart!

Source: sssilverfffox

#13. Dad's surprising discipline

Source: moms_with_an_attitude

#14. When they both run out of energy (and pants)

Source: fathasleepas

#15. It's golfing-strolling time

Source: golfstroller

#16. So dad won't forget either...

Source: tacticalbabygear

#17. When kids said they were too tired to walk at the supermarket

Source: streetandshore

#18. Tired of chasing three of them

Source: tacticalbabygear

#19. Dad is also a hair-stylist

Source: tacticalbabygear

#20. Dad knows what his girl likes

Source: tacticalbabygear

#21. Hold on, kid!

Source: tacticalbabygear

#22. You can swag all you want, newborn

Source: tacticalbabygear

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